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DPS Cyber Security Crypto Recovery Firm Provides Services to Assist People in Tracking Down Their Stolen Cryptocurrencies

·2 min read

London, UK - (NewMediaWire) - August 26, 2022 - DPS Cyber Security has established itself as a safe crypto recovery platform. In the recent expansion, the company has strategized new services for retrieving digital currencies lost by investors, traders & Corporations due to a scam.

Their newly launched services provide the required assistance in tracking down the stolen cryptocurrencies of their clients to resolve any issues with their wallets so that they are not left out in the cold. The company ensures complete recovery of cryptocurrency transactions; their newly developed services include the following features:

  1. Safe & Secure

  2. 97% Recovery Rate

  3. Real Investigators

  4. Global Network

  5. Fast Response

  6. Case Manager

Many people recognize the increasing value of crypto assets and decide to invest in them because it is safe from inflation, devaluation, and other crises. However, many people have been the victims of cybercriminals' fraudulent actions and lost their investments worth thousands of dollars. Recovering digital currency is not easy, and it is better not to risk it. So, the safest way is to involve reputable cyber forensic companies such as DPS Cyber Security.

DPS Cyber Security specialists employ highly efficient and optimized strategies for recovery of lost cryptocurrency, such as:

1. It provides details and evidence of the financial cybercrime,

2. The company tracks down the lost crypto, and

3. It also compiles a detailed analysis of the transaction and suspicious wallets.

Then, DPS experts investigate the involved parties, the technology deployed, and the scammers' digital trace. They only use advanced cybersecurity technology, inducing first-class digital location methods and blue-chip digital forensics, which enable them to locate the lost cryptocurrency.

Consequently, a credible DPS Cyber Security has often proved itself as the most efficient and safest cyber forensic company in recovering digital currency. Thanks to its extensive years of experience in the industry, it recently managed to recover $1.2 million in bitcoin for a recent client of DPS Cyber Security who fell victim to romantic fraud.

The client stated about his experience of a fraudulent incident and how DPS Cyber Security assisted him in the recovery process.

''During our conversation, I informed that to a scammer, I had remortgaged my apartment a few months ago and decided to spend $40,000 for renovation to upgrade my home. The scammer said that for $2,000, she could teach me about cryptocurrency trading, convincing me that once I mastered it, I wouldn't need to stress myself about working too much to pay my bills. Moreover, she assured me we would also travel the world together. I couldn't allow wasting time, and I immediately asked a DPS Cyber Security crypto recovery expert for help,".

DPS Cyber Security only took a few weeks to monitor the blockchain and retrieve the respective client's stolen crypto assets. "I felt like I won the lottery. I almost lost all my hopes that I will ever have my finds back," The client stated with relief.

The abovementioned incident is only one of many clients' testimonies. It proves that DPS Cyber Security's highly skilled experts recover stolen cryptocurrency from cyber criminals with incredible efficiency and in a short timeframe.

Find out more information on DPS Cyber Security services at: https://dps-cybersecurity.com/.

Media Contact

Contact: Mark Goodman

Email: admin@dps-cybersecurity.com

website: https://dps-cybersecurity.com

Address: 2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BD, UK