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Dr. Alan Meltzer, Periodontist in Voorhees Township, NJ, Lectures on Complex Dental Implant Cases in China

Board-certified periodontist in Voorhees Township, NJ, Dr. Alan Meltzer of Advanced Oral Specialty Group, recently lectured at the Dentium World Symposium in Guangzhou, China. Dr. Meltzer spoke about dental implants in his lecture titled "The Use of the Superline Implant in Challenging Situations: Full Arch and Single Tooth Immediate Restorations."

VOORHEES TOWNSHIP, N.J., Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Dr. Alan Meltzer, a board-certified periodontist in Voorhees Township, NJ, recently spoke on the latest advancements in dental implants at the Dentium World Symposium in Guangzhou, China. Dr. Meltzer routinely travels to lecture at events and symposiums around the world in addition to offering periodontal and dental implant solutions at his practice, Advanced Oral Specialty Group. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Meltzer has placed over 25,000 dental implants and completed over 1,000 full mouth dental implant cases.

The two-day Dentium World Symposium, held in November, had over 1,500 clinicians in attendance and focused on new techniques and digital innovation in implantology for predictable and effective dental implant treatment. Dr. Meltzer's lecture, titled "The Use of the SuperLine Implant in Challenging Situations: Full Arch and Single Tooth Immediate Restorations", discussed the advantages of using advanced techniques and technologies in complex implant cases to improve long-term results.

The unique double-thread, tapered SuperLine dental implants improve initial stability after surgical placement in the bone. Their design also optimizes the bone-to-implant contact for more predictable and safer immediate loading of single and full arch restorations. These dental implants can offer better performance and long-term results for more challenging cases, improving recovery, implant strength and stability, and overall success of treatment.

Dr. Alan Meltzer and his associate, board-certified periodontist, Dr. Mina Ebrahimi, are experienced in comprehensive dental implant treatment for patients with challenging situations who require such solutions as SuperLine implant systems. The two periodontists offer the full scope of periodontal treatments and implant dentistry, including gum disease treatment, periodontal plastic surgery, same-day dental implants, and full mouth dental implant solutions. In their state-of-the-art facility in Voorhees Township, NJ, the periodontists use cutting-edge technology, including dental lasers, CBCT scanning, Navident guided surgery, and anesthesia options to provide virtually painless, predictable, and long-lasting treatments.

Those considering dental implants in Voorhees Township, NJ are encouraged to contact Advanced Oral Specialty Group to schedule a personalized consultation with either periodontist. The practice can be reached by visiting http://www.dralanmeltzer.com or calling 856-772-9444.

About the Practice

Advanced Oral Specialty Group is a periodontal practice serving the Voorhees Township, NJ area with specialized treatments including same-day dental implants, full mouth dental implants and periodontal plastic surgery. Dedicated to personalized care, they are driven to offer truly custom, long-lasting results in a comfortable environment. Dr. Alan Meltzer is a board-certified periodontist with over 35 years of experience. A national and international speaker, he is also a Clinical Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Having placed over 25,000 dental implants and over 1,000 full arches of new teeth, he is an authority in implantology. Also a board-certified periodontist, Dr. Mina Ebrahimi received her training in Periodontics from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where she is now a Clinical Assistant Professor. Always offering modern treatments with cutting-edge technology, Advanced Oral Specialty Group offers laser periodontics and minimally invasive gum recession treatment—the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. Patients interested in dental implants can receive all-inclusive care from a board-certified periodontist, board-certified anesthesiologist and on-site dental laboratory technician. To learn more about Dr. Meltzer, Dr. Ebrahimi, their practice or the treatments they offer, visit http://www.dralanmeltzer.com or call 856-772-9444 to schedule a personalized consultation.

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