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Dr. Brian Briggs is Now Seeing Patients in Dayton, Ohio!

DAYTON, Ohio, Dec. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Brian Briggs has moved his location to 1353 Woodman Drive in Dayton, Ohio! This new location is located inside Teeters Chiropractic and it allows Dr. Briggs to treat a larger clientele base with high-quality chiropractic care. While the location may be different, the services Dr. Briggs provides are largely the same. He can treat auto accident injuries, sports injuries, personal injuries, and sciatica. All of these are common injuries across the United States, and proper treatment is vital to the recovery process.

Choosing a chiropractor can be difficult, most clients want someone who has years of experience and the credentials to ensure the best treatment possible. Dr. Briggs has both of these traits, after graduating with a doctorate degree in 2003, he has been helping people in the community optimize their health and reach their potential. Not content on just helping his local community, he has gone to Brazil with a group of doctors to care for others as part of a mission trip to give medical care to those who are less fortunate. He now utilizes these years of experience to provide care for Dayton, Ohio residents and is focused on helping each patient reach their health goals.

Dr. Briggs offers a myriad of services including auto accident treatment, sports injury care, personal injury treatment, sciatica treatment, spinal decompression, and chiropractic adjustments. His staff knows that these treatment modalities and crucial to the recovery process, and they work to develop a personalized chiropractic care routine to fit your specific needs. Dr. Briggs had this to say about the services he provides, “Treating the individual is incredibly important to me. As a chiropractor, I focus on holistic health. That means I treat the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms. This leads the patient to a much stronger recovery as they have actually addressed what is causing the ailment in their bodies. This treatment modality is especially important for injuries as these are incredibly personal and specific. I can’t use the same treatment routine for each client, instead, I have to create a new plan based on that individual’s needs.”

Dr. Brian Briggs provides comprehensive chiropractic care. He is conveniently located at 1353 Woodman Drive in Dayton, Ohio and is accepting new clients. You can call them at 937-789-7341 to schedule an appointment, or go online at drbrianbriggs.com.