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Dr. Elizabeth Fox: New Liposuction Study Is Encouraging

NAPLES, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 10, 2012) - According to a recent article from News Medical, a new study suggests, "Body fat does not return in the treated areas of patients undergoing liposuction and/or abdominoplasty." Dr. Eric Swanson of the Swanson Center in Kansas conducted the study and concludes, "both techniques are valid for the long-term fat reduction and improvement of body proportions." In Florida, plastic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Fox responds to the study supporting the concept that liposuction procedures can result in long-term health benefits for patients.

Although Dr. Elizabeth Fox supports the new findings, she believes more conclusive data should be collected and made available to ascertain these results. The article notes that Dr. Eric Swanson "performed the procedures in predominantly non-obese men and women." Using standardize photographs, Swanson was able to measure lower-body dimensions. In addition, upper-body measurements were compared between 67 female patients who underwent simultaneous breast surgery and 78 women who underwent the breast surgery alone; there was no reported difference between the patients. The article states, "the women lost an average of 2.2 pounds after lower-body liposuction and 4.6 pounds when liposuction was combined with abdominoplasty."

In terms of long-term follow-up, patients were revisited a year after the procedure; according to the article, Swanson found that "there remained a significant reduction in hip circumference in patients treated with liposuction and in the mid-abdominal and hip measurements of 22 patients who underwent liposuction and abdominoplasty." In the article, Raffi Gurunluoglu of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center challenges Swanson's analytics noting that "the photographic documentation in these patients was not originally designed to measure changes in shoulder width, mid-humeral width and upper abdominal width, and this weakens the conclusions regarding fat redistribution."

While Gurunluoglu notes that further research needs to be conducted "to determine the effects of liposuction on the regrowth of fat, as well as on anatomic patterns of fat redistribution," Dr. Elizabeth Fox is optimistic about the results. Through her own practice she has found that the noted procedures greatly impact the life of the patient in a positive manner following the surgery. Dr. Elizabeth Fox concludes, "Patients who undergo liposuction of the abdomen or an abdominoplasty, successfully prevent the lower belly fullness from reoccurring even with weight gain. Another excellent benefit is a reduction of body fat percentage which helps body shape and improves heart health."


Dr. Elizabeth Fox is a plastic surgeon based in Naples, Florida. A medical professional, Dr. Elizabeth Fox provides her patients with thorough consultations and a wide range of cosmetic procedures, including wrinkle treatments, nonsurgical facelifts, topical treatments, breast augmentation, lip rejuvenation, and more. Dr. Elizabeth Fox is dedicated to providing her patients with a high quality of care and continually works to improve the offerings of her practice.