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Dr. Gregory Jantz of The Center • A Place of HOPE celebrates 30 years of helping reduce veteran suicide


Edmonds, WA, Nov. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Depression suicide amongst veterans has always been a concern for policymakers. Research shows that, veterans have a 21% higher likelihood of suicide than other members of society. So important is this issue that in April, congressmen, and women addressed it in a press conference dubbed, “Veteran Suicide is a National Crisis.”

The Center • A Place of HOPE is cognizant of this problem, and is always taking steps to help our veterans live a full life.  Veterans can count on the center’s 30-plus years of experience in the treatment of depression and related issues. They are ranked among the top 10 facilities for the treatment of depression in the U.S. and have consistently held that ranking. 

Under the able hands of Dr. Gregory Jantz and other top professionals, Veterans are taken through a personal assessment, before undergoing comprehensive depression treatment. At The Center * A Place of HOPE , they don’t paint veteran suicide issues with the same brush. They personalize the assessment process, and check the vet for alcohol and other substance dependencies, behavioral addiction issues, childhood issues, social relationships, and even their current workplace environments. They understand that, besides the trauma of war, these are issues that could trigger depression suicide in veterans.

Once they have understood the vet’s background, the professionals at the center then embark on giving their patients holistic treatment that includes health and fitness, psychological evaluation, nutrition, and spiritual nourishment. Through experience, they understand that the emptiness that leads a vet to contemplate suicide is multifaceted. Their end goal is to help vets face their fears, and have a renewed sense of hope in life. All this in a highly personalized and compassionate environment.

As a veteran suffering from depression, or a compassionate citizen who knows a vet who is struggling with depression, The Center • A Place of HOPE is the right place to seek help. They are ranked a top 10 depression treatment facility for a reason.

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