Dr. Ines Mordente's visions and goals also led her to create the Acne Revolution® method, aimed at revolutionizing the appearance of one's skin

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Acne Revolution
Acne Revolution

Her innovations and ventures have got her much acclaim and appreciation in and outside the industry.

Naples, Italy, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People have heard enough of the many changes around the world every day, be it in administration, politics, different industries, everyday living, and much more. But what has made more headlines and attracted maximum attention of people around the world is how women have been increasingly coming forward to step up in their chosen industries, be a reason for these positive changes and create a name for themselves in everything they choose to do in their careers. Dr. Ines Mordente is one of them in the medical field, who has spread her wings in dermatology as an aesthetic doctor and a specialist in aesthetic dermatology.

This passionate woman who has contributed heavily to the industry and niche for years has today broken stereotypes and made new rules to lead her career and life, which has truly gone ahead in inspiring many other women across the world in ways more than one. She is the one who, along with two other founders, founded a revolutionary venture in dermatology named Medicinae, her specialized medical clinic that treats everything revolving around acne and the many issues it causes patients. They have a specialized team with specialized treatments and procedures for treating spots and scarring. Also, the team does diagnosis and prevention of melanoma, skin and hair pathologies, and aesthetic and regenerative medicine, which has led the clinic to become one of the most sought-after in the niche.

The said clinic today is present in Rome and Milan, besides being based in Naples and has emerged as the first private medical center in Italy for access numbers of patients with mild to severe and resistant acne problems, but it also deals with other medical and surgical pathologies such as moles mapping, dermasurgery, aesthetic and anti-inflammatory medicine, age face and body, hair loss therapies, skin spots, cosmetic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery, advanced implantology.

Dr. Ines Mordente’s visions and goals also led her to create the Acne Revolution® method, aimed at revolutionizing the appearance of one’s skin. As a celebrated aesthetic doctor, Dr. Ines Mordente has even authored several publications on the PubMed channel. She is also the author of the book Acne Revolution®, serves as a professor of dermatology at several university masters, and has a massive list of clientele at Medicinae, her clinic.

Instagram: @inesmordentedermatologa
Site: www.inesmordente.it 

CONTACT: Ines Mordente info (at) medicinae.it