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Dr. Jordan Green Completes Cosmetic Dentistry Course to Enhance Full Mouth Reconstruction in Midland, TX

Respected dentist, Dr. Jordan Green of The Dental Studio of Midland, completes a restoration course with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Green will apply this education to better serve patients seeking cosmetic dentistry and full mouth reconstruction in Midland, TX.

MIDLAND, Texas., Nov. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Dr. Jordan Green of The Dental Studio of Midland recently completed a course with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) entitled, "Esthetic Professional Complex Restorative Mentorship." Dental full mouth reconstruction is more than just improving a patient's ability to use their mouth properly, as it is also a form of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Green works with Drs. Tye Thompson and Mallory Layman at their Midland, TX practice to combine dentistry with esthetic art, helping patients enjoy a healthy, attractive smile.

"With full mouth reconstruction, we are rebuilding the body by marrying cosmetics with the science and function of the restorations," says Dr. Green. "I am excited to become licensed in California to offer these complex and challenging cases to more patients."

The speaker for the course was Bruce Crispin, who lectured on complex fixed restorative procedures and full mouth rehabilitation. Full mouth reconstruction can involve many different dental procedures, all with the end goal of restoring both function and appearance to a damaged or flawed smile. The Dental Studio of Midland offers many complex treatments to solve a variety of patient needs, including cosmetic dentistry solutions. Some of the most common full mouth reconstruction procedures include:

  • •    Dental implants
  • •    Crown lengthening
  • •    Dental crowns and bridges
  • •    Porcelain veneers
  • •    Invisalign® clear braces

Full mouth reconstruction is a procedure that is often recommended when patients require multiple different treatments to restore their smile. Each treatment plan can improve both the esthetic look of patients' smiles, as well as the way their mouths function, enhancing their ability to eat, speak and even breath. The doctors at The Dental Studio of Midland perform in-depth consultations and examinations with patients to fully understand their needs, wants and smile goals. After the treatment plan is complete, patients can return to normal oral function and show off their smile with both comfort and confidence.

The Dental Studio of Midland makes receiving full mouth reconstruction simple for patients through their investment in state-of-the-art technology. The cutting-edge technology at the practice allows the dentists to gather more information and design better treatment plans. For many patients, this means less time in the dentist office and more accurate, quick care. This technology is especially useful for cosmetic dentistry through the use of digital impressions and computerized design.

Patients interested in full mouth reconstruction or who would like to enhance the look of their smile with cosmetic dentistry in Midland, TX are encouraged to schedule a consultation with the dentists at The Dental Studio of Midland. Appointments can be made by calling 432-687-0629 or visiting the website at http://www.midlanddentalstudio.com.

About the Dentists

The Dental Studio of Midland offers comprehensive and caring dental care to patients in Midland, TX. Committed to serving custom care that patients truly need, Drs. Tye Thompson, Jordon Green, and Mallory Layman build relationships with each patient in order to understand their unique needs and goals. Both Drs. Thompson and Green completed dental training at the prestigious University of the Pacific and continue to expand their knowledge in dentistry by attending multiple continuing education courses. Dr. Layman brings her experience from the University of Texas to the team. The Dental Studio of Midland is equipped with advanced dental technology to provide patients with the highest standard of care. Drs. Thompson, Green, and Layman offer laser dentistry, Invisalign®, full mouth reconstruction, and sedation dentistry. The Dental Studio of Midland team is dedicated to providing the most efficient, least painful procedures for patients, and offers minimally invasive surgery whenever possible. To learn more about Drs. Thompson, Green, and Layman and the services offered at The Dental Studio of Midland, call 432-687-0629 or visit http://www.midlanddentalstudio.com.

SOURCE Dr. Jordan Green