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Dr. Joseph Kravitz Successfully Treated Thousands of Patients with 3 Minute Implant

ROCKVILLE, Md., July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Joseph Kravitz is prosthodontist who comprehensively diagnoses and treats the dental health needs of patients and offers minimally invasive treatment procedures that involve incredibly low levels of pain and discomfort for dental patients. Uniquely pioneered by Dr. Kravitz, the "3 Minute Implant" has led to exceptional results for thousands of patients over the years in Maryland and the greater DC area.

"The 3 Minute Implant is truly amazing. There's a little pressure…and voila! I've been petrified of seeing dentists since I was young. In fact, I've passed out in the dentist's chair a number of times before meeting Dr. Kravitz. Dr. K and his staff are sensitive and understanding, and they naturally soothed my fears. They explained the procedure and why it wouldn't hurt–and it didn't! A visit to Dr. K's office is now more like a spa visit than a dental visit! It's actually a pleasure," says Nancy Jameson.

It all started with the premise of Dr. Kravitz knowing that his patients like to enjoy life. He understands that personal time at work, home, family, friends, vacation, and fitness is important healthy and balanced living. He also understands that having a complete set of teeth is important to overall health, self-esteem, and relationship development. Subsequent to extensive laboratory research and testing, Dr. Kravitz released his findings and began offering the most efficient procedure available for immediate dental implants. Over the years, Dr. Kravitz has educated people from all walks of life about his truly innovative dental implant technique appearing on media outlets such as ABC, NBC, Fox, and many others.

The health and contentment of his patients was the impetus for his innovation and continues to drive him to be the one of very best research scientists and practitioners of fine dentistry in America today.

About Kravitz Dentistry

Kravitz Dentistry, PC is a specialty dental practice utilizing a simple, beautiful and pain-free approach to treating the smile, located in Rockville, Maryland.  Using state-of-the-art techniques and diagnostic tools, Kravitz Dentistry offers kind, friendly, non-judgmental evaluation, beautiful and pain-free treatment and follow-up care for a variety of dental conditions, from broken teeth, missing teeth, crooked teeth, loose teeth, infected gums, infected bones, and mouth pain. For more information or to make an appointment, please visit www.KravitzDentistry.com or www.DentalImplants.us or Call 1-877-9-Kravitz or 301-761-4840.

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