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Dr. Kayte's Formulas: A First-of-Its-Kind Product to Support the Health of Women with Breast Implants

·4 min read

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 13, 2021 / The number of women in the United States alone who have silicone or saline breast implants is estimated at 1.5 million. Since the first augmentation surgery was performed in Germany back in 1895, the procedure has evolved in terms of safety and effectiveness. The fact remains, however, that at heart, a foreign substance composed of heavy metals and chemicals is inserted into the human body, where it will conceivably remain for ten years or more. Are implants truly safe? The answer is unclear, but the numbers merit attention: within six to ten years of primary augmentation, breast implants rupture at a rate of 1.1-17.7%. Other reported symptoms include muscle pain and weakness as well as fatigue. Dr. Kayte's Formulas, founded by television host and chiropractor Dr. Kayte Susse, believes that the best way to alleviate any health concerns a person may have about implants of any kind is for them to be proactive about their health. To that end, the company provides strategies for silicone implant recipients to maintain their overall health, including education and a daily nutritional supplement.

The Issues Surrounding Silicone Implants

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) provides information on the potential risks and complications of breast implants, including breast pain, changes in breast and nipple sensation, scar tissue, rupture, and issues with breastfeeding are possible. As implants are not meant to stay in the body for a lifetime, the longer they remain, the greater the chance that the person will experience health concerns.

Until recently, some surgeons denied breast implant safety concerns, making the concept of supporting overall health with implants a grey area medically. On October 27, 2021, new informed consent regulations were enacted by the FDA, making it mandatory for plastic surgeons to inform patients about health concerns prior to surgery.

How Dr. Kayte's Formulas Helps People With Silicone Implants

Dr. Kayte's Formulas explains that it is committed to helping healthy women with implants to maintain their health. The company focuses on providing a daily nutritional supplement whose ingredients are compounded into edible, vegan, plant-based capsules. "They are made from purple carrots, which contains additional nutrient beta-carotene," the founder states. "Inside the capsule is a dynamic formula which addresses three main components of overall health, namely the immune system, collagen system, and detoxification pathways. We give special consideration to the ingredients in pharmaceutical grade silicone."

The supplements are manufactured at an FDA-registered facility, one that is certified by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Materials are first quarantined and tested for purity, heavy metals, microbiological contamination, and identity. Dr. Kayte's Formulas states that any failed materials are sent back to the vendors or discarded. The supplements are bottled in glass and shipped directly to customers, who may take them daily as part of their normal routine.

The company also researches breast implant safety and metabolism of heavy metals as well as advocates for medical device safety and informed consent legislation for device safety.

The History of Dr. Kayte's Formulas and Its Work to Help Those With Breast Implants

At 28 years old, Kayte Susse began studying pathophysiology after suffering from chronic illnesses that multiple doctors could not diagnose. Because her symptoms were mostly musculoskeletal in nature, she chose chiropractic school to learn more about why she was in pain. Her symptoms greatly improved once her own implants, which had not ruptured but had severe gel bleed, were removed. Years later after extensive research and convinced that those with breast implants deserve better information and more support for their overall health, she created her Silicone Support Formula, which she offers to anyone with silicone implants who wish to maintain overall health.

The Outlook For Those With Implants

As the FDA states, there will always be a risk for recipients of silicone devices but a continued desire from women to augment their bodies. Dr. Kayte's Formulas hopes to meet people where they are and provide solutions to help better inform women of their relationship to these devices and support overall health.

For more information about Dr. Kayte's Formulas and the company's nutritional supplements for women with breast implants, please contact:

Dr. Kayte's Formulas

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