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How Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place Has Positively Impacted Eating Disorder Treatment

MONTEREY, Calif., March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Lack of care and recognition of the eating disorder has led to depression and rejection of many people. Lives are destroyed, some put on hold, due to this underlying disorder. A person suffering from it is secretive and dishonest because of the shame and guilt that regularly come with the disease. The eating disorder patients are not in control of the situation, the eating disorder leads to depression, and low esteem. Harmony Place Mark Schwartz can advise.

Harmony Place Monterey

There are several centers for treatment and rehabilitation of patients with all types of eating disorders. These centers offer help and treatments for anorexia, restricted eating, binge eating disorder, bulimia compulsive eating, and all other disorders. The Harmony Place, headed by Dr. Schwartz has experienced teams of experts and professionals to give care and counseling to the patients. Through the use of advanced technology and research, the therapists can give the patients specialized and up to date care for all the patients.

Therapists in Harmony Place Monterey have, however, come up with several ways to help and reform these eating disorder patients. They have come up with new life skills and use the latest research reports to deal with any of the presented cases. Therapy sessions in eating disorder centers treatment are essential in rebuilding the lives of the patients to regain their self-esteem by taking control of what they eat, how they eat, and when they eat. These sessions help patients to deal with their emotional control ability and recover from depression, self-pity, anger, and shame that come with the disease.

The main aim of the treatment by Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz centers is to get the clients opening up about their condition. Therapists believe that the first step towards healing is opening up. Since the eating disorder is among the most overlooked and ignored states, patients are not able to express themselves. This is because of the amount of shame and fear that surrounds the condition. Patients here receive guidance on how to adapt and practice a new pattern of behaviors as well as life skills to overcome the situations.

By helping the clients open up, therapists believe that this makes the patients slowly regain control of themselves and eating habits no matter how little the steps are. While some centers do therapy sessions, individuals, or groups, some do support groups for the patients to interact with people suffering from the same. These sessions help the patients to create a new life chapter where they have full control of the life and recovery process and are competent to make decisions and control their eating urges.

Treatments in these centers range from center to center, depending on what the therapists believe works best for them. While some centers have nutritional therapy, others have dialectical behavioral therapy, and others have interpersonal therapy. Some have all of them for their patients; a good example is Harmony Place Monterey. Dr. Schwartz, who is a therapist, believes that all this treatment is essential for the patients.

Advance and chronic level eating disorders call for inpatient, intense therapy sessions, and observation. Not all cases require inpatient treatment, so outpatients' services are o to some examples. All patients receive a strong and concentrate support system during and after the treatment.

Eating disorders share common characteristics with other addictive disorders, Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place recommends for specialized sessions for all patients with an eating disorder. These even if the patients believe that they are in control or not therapists and specialists who treat these disorders like Dr. Mark Swhartz encourage all patients to seek treatment in these centers as soon as possible. They, however, believe that it is never too late or too early to start if you feel you are not in control of your eating habits.


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