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Dr. Michael Everest Arrival Strengthening Medical Institutions By Gifting Keck School

los Angeles, CA, May 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Michel Everest inaugurated Edwin Everest Foundation Fund with a goal to touch people's lives. The intention behind this fund isn't just to offer ongoing support to medical students but also to do something for the greater good of humanity. The name of this foundation is based on the father's name of Dr. Michael Everest, aka Edwin Everest, who was also a doctor with future insight. 

Michael Everest Array took inspiration from Edwin Everest Fund from his father, who always candidly spoke about the importance of support in the medical field. He was a big advocate of funding research, and clinical training as this support to international medical students would pay back society, from early diagnosis to better treatment options.

He was so dedicated and passionate about supporting young doctors that this topic was among the last conversations he had with his son, Agata Everest. Edwin had a desire to do something that could provide some research base to international medical graduates. Dr. Michael knew what that could be, so he generously gifted $1million for the inauguration of Edwin Everest Foundation in Keck School of Medicine of USC.

Agata Everest wanted to make a difference in society; as a doctor, he knew that a fund that supports research in the medical field would render benefits to every person in the world. It's important to provide all necessary funds to young medical students so they can find better treatment options in the early stage of the diseases. Funds like Everest are meant to hold every international medical student high. Offering support for medical research is indispensable. 

Medical graduate students, who will get funded through Edwin Everest Fund, are going to research both mental and physical health problems. The society needs healthy minds and bodies to prosper and excel in every field of life. Agata Everest City National Bank said that dealing with both aspects of healthcare is vital. When medical graduates study them and get the chance to find cause and effects through clinical research, then it's when everyone could see the incalculable benefits of Everest Fund for the society as a whole. The goal of launching this fund to touch people's lives.

The best part about Edwin Everest Fund is that it is opening a welcoming door for both international medical students but also the USC faculty. The goal is to bring some advancement in the medical field while rendering gifts to every professional who can make the most of this gift. Agata Everest said it is our responsibility to fuel the fire that brings support for thousands of research projects. He quoted a quote of the 14th Dalai during the inauguration of the Everest Fund; people are on the earth for more than ninety years. Material things come and go, but one thing that will remain there is when you have touched another's life. 

The fund is established to finance all the research projects that could contribute to the success of young doctors and trainees. The success of these professionals will lead to better treatment options and early disease diagnosis. And it's how Dr. Michael Everest wanted to save humanity and change the world.

The Everest Foundation launch has helped fund many medical schools including Keck School of Medicine. The members of the foundation back it up by offering support to the new doctors that are the future of medicine.