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Dr. Pankaj Naram Reviews Study Linking TV Time to Type 2 Diabetes in Children

NEW YORK, April 3, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Dr. Pankaj Naram knows that many of today's most serious health problems and conditions can be created, or at least aggravated by lifestyle choices. The foods or substances that individuals consume, their daily activities, and a variety of other lifestyle choices can all make it harder to live long and healthy lives. Every day new studies are revealing just how much the choices of individuals can determine how well they will be able to live, and today master healer Dr. Naram would like to highlight one of these recent studies.

A recent study titled Screen Time is Associated with Adiposity and Insulin Resistance in Children sheds some surprising light on how over indulging in screen time can be a downfall for the health, not just of adults, but of children as well. The study was conducted to see if the direct links between excessive screen time and type 2 diabetes in adults would also be found in children. The research study was conducted by surveying nearly 4500 children in English schools who were either 9 or 10 years old during a period of 3 years. The survey asked these children how many hours a day they spent indulging in screen time, be it playing video games, sitting on the computer, or watching television.

At the end of the survey period what the team discovered was a distinct difference in the children who spent less than an hour a day participating in these activities, and those who spent three or more hours with their screens. Kids who spent more time with their TVs and video game consoles showed an 11% higher level of insulin resistance on average than the children who only spent about an hour a day enjoying screen time. The children who had more TV time also suffered from other maladies such as increased fat mass and increased skinfold thickness. The researchers also saw that markets for physical activity were on average either very weak or altogether absent in these children as well. The team concluded that because of the trend that they saw between increased screen time and the presence of these unhealthy factors, especially the indicators and risk factors for type 2 diabetes, that reducing screen time may be one way to help children ward off the potential harms caused by type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Naram believes that it is extremely important to explore health studies because they reveal just how lifestyle choices can impact an individual's health, even at a very young age. Parents and their children should both be aware of how choices can impact their health later on in life, and Dr. Pankaj Naram hopes that families consider making wise decisions about how their kids should be spending their recreation time. For more information on Dr. Naram's recommended healthy living practices, or for more health study reviews from the master healer please visit http://www.drnaram.com/

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