Dr. Staci Whitman is Creating Better Lifestyles through Happi Health

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 20, 2020 / Wellbeing is a top priority today with the current health crisis raising red flags around the world. In these times, it is essential to adopt healthy habits and make lifestyle adjustments for the better. Happi Health is a health program launched by Dr. Staci Whitman to promote holistic and full-body wellbeing to families and children.

Founded out of the passion for serving and educating, Happi Health's approach to health and wellness is unique in its program specification to its client's individual needs. The program includes initiatives such as mouth and tooth health; pacifier and thumb-sucking programs; airway intervention guidance; recipes, meal planning, and nutritional guidance; tailored hygiene instructions for children and personal improvements; and access to product lists, educational sheets, parental support and lifestyle tips.

The program was launched when Dr. Staci realized the need to eliminate the gap between families and a healthier life. She is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Health, where she earned her certificate in Health and Lifestyle Coaching. Aside from her work as a Health Coach, Dr. Staci is also a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist in Portland, Oregon, where she offers a whole-body and functional approach to her patients at NoPo Kids Dentistry.

When Dr. Staci transitioned into a functional, holistic pediatric dental practice, she garnered a lot of praise for her work. She was receiving calls from parents outside of Portland, from other states and other countries, and clients were flying in to see her. It was then that Dr. Staci saw the thirst for knowledge these parents had on how to lead a healthy life.

Her passion for education and desire to create a healthier world inspired Dr. Staci to start Happi Health, furthering her reach by branching on social media. Happi Health is an ongoing program that provides its clients with resources, education, meal-plans, and personalized courses and treatments. Through a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Staci and her team of health professionals review a client's health status and history and come up with a wellness report of holistic recommendations to help guide their client to optimal health.

To support their client's wellness journey, Happi Health practices health coaching. A Health Coach is a wellness mentor and health professional who helps their clients achieve true health by recommending individualized food plans, habit adjustments, and lifestyle changes tailored to the client's individual needs and health goals. With health coaching, Happi Health encourages private coaching practices with one-on-one sessions and follow-ups to offer support, accountability, and recommendations to its clients.

In five years, Dr. Staci aims to further her reach to more homes and families. She plans to write books designed to inspire oral health from parents, colleagues, and toddlers. She is determined to incorporate more holistic elements into dental practices with ease and motivate more people to strive for whole-body health.

Using a unique and personalized wellness program, Happi Health is on its way to further provide wellness plans and health tips to its clients. Dr. Staci and her team are hoping that through their program, talking about whole-body health will no longer be overwhelming. Through hard work and passion, they are determined to have clients take home information, even just one health tip, to add to their routines and share with their family and friends.

To know more about Happi Health, visit its official website.

Email: happihealthco@gmail.com.

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