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Dragonchain Awarded U.S. Interchain™ Patent

Pioneering the new internet of value with blockchain technology

BELLEVUE, Wash., Nov. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dragonchain today announced a new patent that validates its leadership in solving security, utility, scalability, and flexibility issues that have stymied others in the blockchain industry. (eternal.dragonchain.com/)

Joe Roets, Dragonchain founder and CEO

Interchain redefines the use of blockchain technology to enable users to conduct processing across blockchains. It simplifies business processes with added security and utility.

"Back in 2015, we were the first multi-chain hybrid to tap the Bitcoin public blockchain from our private blockchains within Disney. Interchain represents the efforts of our leadership in blockchain innovation and the evolution of solutions provided to the technology space," said Joe Roets, founder and CEO of Dragonchain.

"Interchain empowers businesses to utilize the combined network effects of various blockchain solutions. Imagine transactions rooted with the combined security of Bitcoin and Ethereum and access to the innovation of those communities."

What is Interchain?
Interchain, simply put, is the way all blockchains, both public and private, can connect and interact in a secure way.


  • By allowing users to operate on multiple blockchains, Interchain reduces the strain on both large public blockchains and utility chains alike. This keeps transaction speeds high, while also lowering operational costs.
  • Interchain expands users' selection of tools to improve scaling.


  • Interchain allows users to benefit from the features of specialized blockchains, built exclusively to respond to issues such as supply chain and quantum computing. Before Interchain, many of these utility chains went ignored because of their focused, but limited set of capabilities.
  • Now, users have the option to leverage both the specialized features of utility chains and the all-purpose capabilities of public blockchains, giving them the best of both worlds.


  • With Interchain, users can retain complete control of their data, keeping sensitive business logic and smart contracts proprietary. They can keep sensitive processing on a private network, and selectively share data or business logic on a public chain for transparency.
  • The ability to publish data, transactions, and business logic to multiple blockchains provides the combined security of all blockchains.

"We envision a multi-chain, multi-network, and multi-token future for blockchain-based computing," said Matthew Roszak, co-founder and chairman of Bloq, a Dragonchain advisor. "Interchain reflects this future by providing the necessary bridge between public and permissioned blockchain, facilitating a best-of-breed approach between the two environments."

To see this technology in action and learn more about the future of Interchain, visit eternal.dragonchain.com/.

About Dragonchain, Inc.
Dragonchain is a technology leader in the blockchain space with operations in four business segments: enterprise services; entertainment; education and project incubation/acceleration. A US company, Dragonchain's goal is to empower businesses with an enterprise-grade blockchain solution. Learn more at www.dragonchain.com.

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