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DragonSlayer Travel App And Concierge Service Set To Disrupt $170B Luxury Travel Industry

A complimentary white-glove travel concierge app, DragonSlayer, is now live. DragonSlayer offers over 8,000 curated luxe travel experiences and information on top dining, hotels and events for more than 60 U.S. cities. Travelers invited to join the wait-list.

DENVER, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DragonSlayer, a new invitation-only travel app offering a white-glove concierge service for discerning travelers is now live.

DragonSlayer is aiming to ride the 'personal touch' trend to positively disrupt the luxury travel market. The app uses machine learning and analytics to match users to personalized travel experiences. And with access to expert travel concierges, DragonSlayer can help plan and book custom journeys, curated tours, cruises, or last minute requests. DragonSlayer currently offers over 8,000 luxury journeys and excursions from 50 tour and independent operators, plus an extensive inventory of luxury hotels, villas and yacht charters; which are all currently searchable in the app to help DragonSlayer users to find their next travel experience.

DragonSlayer also curates and recommends the very best restaurants, hotels, and local events for more than 60 U.S. cities. Updated weekly, DragonSlayer members will have access to the very best that these cities have to offer, whether it is their hometown or a city that they are visiting. 

"What sets DragonSlayer apart is the curated experience for the discerning traveler," says Peter Wells, Founder and CEO, DragonSlayer. "The impact of mass tourism isn't just the crowds in Venice, Amsterdam, or Paris, but it is making it more difficult for sophisticated travelers to find new and unique experiences.  With more than 8,000 curated journeys in our database and with smart analytics we help match members with inspired journeys whether they are custom private trips, small group tours, or cruises."

"The fact is that the internet is becoming a bit of a monster with paid search results, annoying pop-up ads, questionable user ratings, and time-consuming internet searches making travel planning a far more difficult task than it was even a few years ago," says Wells.

Instead, DragonSlayer learns about a member's travel personality and makes smart recommendations based our curated database of thousands of itineraries to provide fresh travel ideas and inspired personalized journeys.

Wells, an avid traveler himself, summarizes it this way, "DragonSlayer can help members find and book any trip in the world, whether trekking to a Mongolian tribe that uses eagles for hunting, a three-week train journey from Moscow to Beijing, the latest spectacular over-water bungalows in the Maldives, or private access to the most famous European museums with two art history PhDs. We help members live the discerning lifestyle."

DragonSlayer is now qualifying users through an invitation-only service, which is offered at no cost for accepted members. Users can request an invitation at www.dragonslayertravel.com.

About DragonSlayer
DragonSlayer is a travel and lifestyle app, specializing in curating travel experiences for the discerning traveler. DragonSlayer is currently invitation-only and gives accepted users access to experiential and luxury travel through a white-glove concierge service. DragonSlayer is designed to inspire trips of a lifetime and give travelers access to information and experiences that are not attainable through existing travel platforms or exhaustive internet searches. Founder Peter Wells, has combined 25 years of technology experience in Silicon Valley together with his knowledge and love for travel, to create this revolutionary app. DragonSlayer is now qualifying DragonSlayer users through their invitation-only service, which users can sign up for at www.dragonslayertravel.com.

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