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Drake Literally Matched His Entire Outfit to His Apple Watch

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

His caption simply read: “Chella.” (Via Instagram). 

Pre-orders for the long awaited Apple Watch begin online today, and the company seems to have commissioned its very own hype man to let you know: Drake.

The heartfelt rapper/lint roller enthusiast posted an Instagram Thursday evening from Coachella Music Festival, in which he subtly grabs the crotch of his sweat pants, shifting his wrist ever-so-slightly toward the camera. Why, what’s that he’s got on? An Apple Watch! Look at that! He’s either wearing a pink sport band or—more in line with his personal brand—the $17,000 18-Karat Edition with a red modern buckle band.

The most important thing about this photo, however, is that Drake is so excited to wear this exclusive wrist computer that he’s matched every other piece of clothing on his body to the band. 

We await breathlessly for the first feud to arise as a direct result of Drake sending his heartbeat to another rapper’s girl. Good luck with that Drizzy.

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