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How to Get Dressed with No Stress in 5 Minutes

Brandhyze Stanley



How many times have you been standing in front of your closet with clothes strewn about the room, waaaay past the time you should have left if you wanted to make your appointment on time, and all because you’ve come to the conclusion that you have absolutely nothing to wear? It’s OK — you’re in good in being stumped.

I know this because it’s happened to me personally, and even to the likes of actress Zoe Saldana, though I’m sure she has clothes coming out of the wazoo. Yep, it’s a common problem, but there is no need to fret any longer. I have three ways to help you kick the nothing-to-wear blues, and get you to your next appointment on time and looking fabulous!

1. Clean out your closet.

How can you possibly expect to get dressed in a flash if you are unable to find what it is you need? The first step is to get organized. Not only do I suggest packing away the seasonal items you don’t need right now, but I also recommend color coding your wardrobe. That way, if you’re looking for that yellow blazer, you don’t have to start at one end of your closet and work your way to the opposite end in hopes of running across it before you finish. Just head to the appropriate section and you’re good to go — time saved.

2. Invest in wrinkle-free items.

Growing up (and even still today), my mother was a huge advocate for everything being creased. I mean, she would literally sweat away for hours over her ironing board, making sure the family’s clothes were all neatly pressed from the most recent load of laundry. I always told her, “There’s got to be a better way,” and I believe there is. I suggest making the investment in as many wrinkle-free items as possible, and leaving a little space in your closet as to not crush your clothes in between wears.

3. Have outfits on deck.

Let’s face it: As the new year starts to unfold, life will just get busier and you’ll have many different types of occasions to dress for. Wouldn’t it make things that much easier if you had some outfits with matching shoes and accessories, just waiting in the wings? Take the time to brainstorm different events and appointments you have coming up (e.g., a presentation at work, brunch with friends, date night, etc.), and prep a couple different options for each look. Then snap a photo or hang them in a particular part of your closet so they are all ready to go. By doing this, you save yourself both time and stress — and you avoid resorting to your fallback oldies but goodies. Problem solved.

Brandhyze Stanley is the chief voice of Frugal-nomics.com, a platform designed to share with women how to live and look fabulous on a dime — created after a massive unexpected layoff forced her to hone in on her true passion.

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