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Drips.com is Replacing Telemarketers with Artificial Intelligence, and Customers are Loving It

As the Client Testimonials on Drips.com Clearly Show, the AI-based Software is Linked to an Increase in Customer Conversion

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / Apil 11, 2018 / Telemarketing calls are something that have plagued families at the dinner table for as long as landlines have existed. However good a telemarketer's intentions may be, and regardless of how great their product is, invading homes via uninvited phone calls has never been the best way to start a relationship with a potential customer. In fact, it may be one of the worst. But, if companies cannot connect with people on the phone by calling them, how can they get more customers?

Aaron Christopher Evans (https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronchristopher/), CEO of Drips, has developed a solution for this. It's a little bit of old school marketing ingenuity, a little bit of artificial intelligence, and a whole lot of happy customers.

To learn more about Drips.com and the new AI features, please visit https://drips.com/#how-it-works.

Drips, an Akron, Ohio based software company, is changing the way companies and customers communicate. Aaron Christopher, or AC for short, has led a team that has created proprietary software that allows customers to choose when and how a company they want to do business with communicates with them. When a potential customer interacts with a company that is using Drips, they actually have a conversation. That conversation can last as long as the customer needs it to. For days, weeks, or even months, Drips will use what they call a "polite persistence" to keep the user engaged and warm, and ultimately get them on the phone when they want to.

AC said, "The great thing about Drips is it truly helps everyone. Customers want products and services, they just don't want to be called at dinner time, or while at work. Big businesses need to act small, and be able to hold one-on-one conversations in order to talk to their customers, not at them, and that's an expensive problem to staff for. Drips can scale automatically to any sized business more cost effectively than any other solution."

At only two years old, Drips has handled over 100 million conversations and is having 500,000 new conversations every day.

As Dan Williams, CRO of 3 Day Blinds wrote, the AI software has led to a 26 percent boost in lead to appointment conversion metrics.

"Our partnership with Drips has been a success because it's allowed us to revitalize the way we nurture and work leads who don't book an appointment right away."

Drips has also helped Debt.com capture 12,000 missed after hour calls every week and has boosted their debt relief business by 8% within 90 days.

Don Silvestri, President of Debt.com, wrote, "In today's market, consumers have come to expect instant communications. Just sending emails and making phone calls during business hours, isn't enough. By adding Drips with SMS capabilities, consumers that contact Debt.com can immediately be responded to in a non-intrusive manner, day or night. In our busy world, a consumer may not always check their email right away or pick up the phone when they don't recognize the number; but they always check their texts. If you don't have Drips, you and your customers are missing out."

Drips.com is helping prospects, customers, companies, and leading the way to a world where the phones are a little more quiet at dinner time.

About Drips.com:

Known as "The Conversation Experts," the team at Drips truly understands that conversations matter. Thanks to millions of daily interactions, they have created automated business intelligence that yields conversion for businesses across hundreds of industries. For more information, visit https://drips.com/.


Edward Jordan

SOURCE: Drips.com