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Drug Manufacturing Companies Emphasize R&D Efforts

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New York City, New York - Healthcare sector is currently in a bullish mode, despite concerns about reforms. Drug manufacturing companies are now ramping up their R&D efforts in order to boost their pipeline. Even smaller companies like Neurocine Biosciences Inc. (NBIX) have been able to provide good returns on account of their collaborations and market efforts. Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s (PCRX) stock has also risen sharply. However, recent instances of high insider selling have cast a shadow of doubt over the stock performance for the future.

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Neurocine Biosciences Inc.’s stock is currently hovering around its 52-week high of $11.65. The company’s stock is buoyant pursuant to its strong quarterly results. For the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, the company reported staggering 614.29 percent increase in its net income, which stood at $9.5 million. On per share basis, the adjusted net income stood at 14 cents per share, beating consensus estimates. Its revenue also increased to $21.9 million, up 97.12 percent. Analysts were expecting the company to report its revenue at $9.1 million. Neurocine Biosciences Inc.’s stock performed well subsequently and is likely to keep up the momentum. Our free research report onNeurocrine Biosciences Inc.can be downloaded upon registration at


The drug maker gained substantially from its new collaboration on elagolix, designed to treat endometriosis pain. The company currently does not have any product in the market. However, it is ramping up its R&D efforts as the company increased its research expenses by 14 percent to $9.1 million. At the very same time, investors need to remain on guard as the company expects its net loss for FY2013 to be in the range of 75 to 83 cents per share, steeper in comparison to consensus estimate of 63 cents per share in loss. Overall, the company’s plans seem to be on the right track and the stock is expected to provide good returns in the future.

Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc. is in a bullish mode and offered 58.44 percent return to its investors on a YTD basis. The company currently markets Exparel for post surgical pain management, and the stock price has responded well to the robust sales performance of the product. However, Pacira Pharmaceuticals has grown 141.26 percent in the past 12 months and the steep rise may be the cause of concern for investors. Another negative indicator is the ongoing insider selling activities in the stock. The company General Manager John Pratt liquidated his entire holding at $28.46 a piece. MPM Asset Management also sold shares. Insider selling may indicate that the stock may see some pullback in the future.Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc.free research is available today at


However, the company sports strong fundamentals as indicated by its fourth quarter results. Its revenue jumped from $4.6 million in the third quarter to $7.8 million in the fourth quarter. Though, it lagged behind consensus estimate of $9.8 million in revenue. Pacira Pharmaceuticals is also working towards developing new uses for its Exparel drug. The company has collaborated with Aratana Therapeutics to study the use of the drug for treating animals. Any positive outcome will prove to be a catalyst for the stock.

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