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Drugs Derived from Kratom & Cannabis focus on New Organic Market Research Study for Pain Medicine Solutions

Green Health Advocates conducts a market research study with over 4,000 pain medicine specialists in the U.S. who strongly favor the likes of organic drugs derived from mitragyna speciosa or cannabidiol opposed to opiates according to survey results this month

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, March 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - Last year's petition to the White House signed by 120,000 people who support kratom are not the only efforts active to generate awareness on the importance of new organic medicines and nutritional products that substitute opiate based pharmaceutical drugs in the healthcare market place.

Earlier this month Health Advance (OTC PINK: HADV), a U.S. based developer and distributor of pharmaceutical and nutritional products, announced its endeavors on this generally recognized as safe (also known as GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) product development of medical foods containing ibuprofen and botanical extract blends derived from mitragyna speciosa, kava, and cannabidiol to treat pain and severe illness.

The company's patent-pending product formulations for cebidiofen and polyoxfen gained a special interest among 81% of the pain medicine physicians that participated in the market research study, opposed to the 19% who thought that there were not better alternatives for opium derivatives like oxycodone, hydrocodone, buprenorphine, oxymorphone, and hydromorphone.

Health Advance is the first bio-tech company in three years to announce its medical product development program and clinical testing of medicinal solutions that interacts with kratom since Sigma-Aldrich Corp, who were acquired by Merck KGaA for $17 billion in 2014. 

Green Health's market research survey on organic pain medicine alternatives to synthetic opiate drugs is the first step to building awareness for new organic medicines like cebiodiofen and polyoxfen that will hopefully be on the GRAS list with the Food and Drug Administration before the end of this year.

Green Health Advocates has created a presence on social media and news blogs with over 500,000 followers to provide research updates and product information on organic medicine and dietary supplements to potential consumers and investors. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/greenhealthpr

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