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Drunk man throws up tumor, swallows it again thinking it was an internal organ

A drunk man in China threw up a tumor but swallowed it back down because he thought it was a vital part of his organs, AsiaOne reports. 

The 63-year-old man from Hubei, surnamed Yu, reportedly felt discomfort in his throat for several weeks but didn't think much of it. Recently, however, became sick after drinking heavily. He proceeded to vomit and, in the process, spewed a 10-centimeter piece of flesh that resembled a forked tongue.

Though Yu purportedly tried to cough the growth out, the tail end of it was still attached to his throat, AsiaOne notes. Worried that he may have accidentally thrown up a part of an internal organ, Yu drank water in an effort to push the mass back down into his body. 

The man then went to Wuhan University People's Hospital to seek treatment, where doctors discovered the tumor in his esophagus.

Photo: Weibo

Professor Deng Tao, who consulted with Yu, said the flesh that the elderly man had spat out was, in fact, the top part of a tumor that became detached during Yu's nauseating episode. 

Fortunately, doctors were able to remove the 15-centimeter tumor — which was later identified as fibroma — from Yu's esophagus. Had it been left untreated, Yu would have eventually had trouble breathing. 

A fibroma is a benign tumor of fibrous or connective issue that has the ability to grow on any organ, according to WebMD. It commonly grows in the uterus and can lead to vaginal bleeding, bladder problems or pelvic pain.