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DTE Energy says cable failure occured on electric system that serves Detroit

The company said, "Earlier today, a cable failure occurred on the electric system that serves the City of Detroit and a number of their large customers. DTE Energy is working with the city to determine the cause of the equipment failure and to help bring service back up to the affected customers. Repairs to the failed cable are expected to take up to 24 hours. As part of our mutual support arrangement with the City of Detroit's Public Lighting Department, DTE has been in close contact with city officials to address this issue. Earlier this year, PLD announced it was getting out of the electric business. DTE Energy agreed to migrate PLD's customers over to DTE's system, over the course of several years. DTE Energy is among the top performing utilities in the country when dealing with outage frequency. As part of the migration of customers to our system, DTE Energy will add new substations to serve customers. In addition, those customers will be connected to DTE's distribution system."