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The color expert-selected themes explore emerging palettes and design styles that reflect the outcome of a changing reality

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Dunn-Edwards Corporation has announced its 2023 Color + Design Trends, a collection of four distinct color palettes — Live in Joy, Liberated Nomad, Well Intentions, and Life in Poetry — that blend elements of the past, present, and future as we collectively attempt to find our bearings and create safe and multi-purposeful spaces.

Dunn-Edwards Corporation Announces 2023 Color + Design Trends
Dunn-Edwards Corporation Announces 2023 Color + Design Trends

"We are rebounding from difficult times with a flood of creative expressions that provide escape, connection, comfort, and survival — all at once — inspiring us to design new spaces that pull from the best of everything ever", said Sara McLean, Color Expert + Stylist at Dunn-Edwards. "Joy and optimism fill our souls as survival mechanisms in the world of today. The color palettes of the four stories capture changing behaviors, emotional states and lifestyles. Warm chromatics dominate, echoing our optimism and the influence of space exploration. High-impact and nostalgic colors make a joyful comeback, earthy and vegetal shades delve into the mysteries of nature, and delicate neutrals give us space to imagine and reflect."

Each year, Dunn-Edwards explores emerging palettes and design styles that reflect the outcome of a changing reality. Heavily researched and influenced by current consumer values, four distinct palettes represent the key themes that are driving aesthetics forward in 2023:

  • Live in Joy takes optimism to its extreme. This winter sports-influenced trend incorporates bold colors, innovative materials, and playful eighties and mod vibes to create celebratory, energetic spaces. Key colors include DEFD49 Kinetic Energy, DE5027 Razzle Dazzle, and DE5398 Lemon Punch.

  • Liberated Nomad reinvents the past and travels across worlds and decades. This complex aesthetic combines arts, folklore, Baroque, and Industrial influences to realign fragments of style in provocative ways. Included in the collection are DEFD14 Red-y for Fun, DEFD37 Malachite Green, and DE5811 Summer Night.

  • Well Intentions reflects a new duality: the desire for earth-friendly living and extraterrestrial pursuits. Look for innovative materials and organic shapes that blend the natural and artificial. DE5880 Clean Slate, DEFD28 Bourbon Sweet Tea, and DEFD30 Grassy Knoll exemplify the palette.

  • Life in Poetry is equivalent to a vacation that lasts all year long. It embraces a relaxed summertime lifestyle and cherishes imperfections, DIY, and bric-a-brac craftwork to create a cheerful, nostalgic retreat. DE5103 Pink Glamour, DET408 Grapevine, and DE5464 Lemon Gelato are stars of the palette.

The color palettes come to life in an animated video and digital series, seen through the eyes of an architect imagining the lives of his clients suspended in moments of time. Browse the 2023 Color + Design Trends palettes, videos, and digital book here.

The colors featured in the 2023 Color + Design Trends are part of Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette®, the designer-preferred color system created by the brand's color experts. To learn more about Dunn-Edwards and its user-friendly color selection tools, visit www.dunnedwards.com.

About Dunn-Edwards

Dunn-Edwards is one of the nation's leading manufacturers and distributors of premium architectural, industrial and high-performance paints, coatings and paint supplies. It operates over 150 company stores in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas, and over 100 domestic and 250 international dealer locations in more than 12 countries. Dunn-Edwards is dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment and produces its coatings in a LEED® Gold-certified manufacturing plant. Based in Southern California, the 95-year-old company has approximately 1,800 employees. Dunn-Edwards is a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd.Holdings Co., Ltd. (TYO 4612), one of the world's largest paint companies. For more information, visit www.dunnedwards.com.

Dunn-Edwards Hexagon Logo with White Border
Dunn-Edwards Hexagon Logo with White Border

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