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On-duty Marine managed to take his girlfriend to prom — with the cutest twist

Skylar Fontaine, 18, is a senior at a high school in New Orleans. This year, her boyfriend, Gage Moak, 19, couldn’t take her to prom for a very specific reason: He’s currently serving in the Marines.

Skylar Fontaine, 18, poses with Gage Moak, 19, who is currently training with the Marines. (Photos: Courtesy of Skylar Fontaine)

Fontaine still wanted Moak to be a part of her prom in some way, so she recruited his 2-year-old brother, Clay, for prom photos.

The sweet photo shoot is currently going viral on Twitter, and thousands of people are sharing the photos of Skylar and Clay posing in their formalwear. She even got the little boy a boutonniere!

Photos: Courtesy of Skylar Fontaine
Photo: Courtesy of Skylar Fontaine

Fontaine tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she had “mixed emotions” when she realized her boyfriend wouldn’t be home for prom because he’s almost 1,000 miles away, in training on the East Coast. “I was upset, but at the same time … I support him 100 percent, and I’m willing to deal with him being away, because he’s the one making the ultimate sacrifice. I have been with him through his entire process of becoming a Marine, and that has given us a special bond,” she says.

Photos: Courtesy of Skylar Fontaine
Photos: Courtesy of Skylar Fontaine

As a sweet surprise to Moak, she invited Clay and his family to her prom photo shoot. “He is a family man and very sentimental,” she says about her boyfriend. “He always puts his family first, and that’s his motivation to be a United States Marine.” She decided that the best way to incorporate Moak into prom was through his family, who, she says, was “so excited for these photographs to send their son, who’s away.”

Photo: Courtesy of Skylar Fontaine

As for the little one, he loved his early entry ticket to prom festivities. “Clay Jr. wants to be just like his big brother. He always greets me with a hug. I care about him so much,” Fontaine said.

Along with the thousands of people who appreciate Fontaine’s gesture, a few are calling her out for taking a toddler to prom. But don’t worry, she says: “I didn’t actually bring him to prom! That’s the misconception that many people are having. We just took pictures together, then my friends and I headed out.”

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