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Dylan's Candy Bar Selects AgilOne to Understand and Build Personal Engagement With Customers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 2, 2014) - AgilOne, the predictive marketing cloud company, today announced that Dylan's Candy Bar, the world's largest confectionary emporium and lifestyle brand, will use AgilOne's predictive marketing solution to create compelling, personalized marketing campaigns for its customers. Dylan's Candy Bar, which is known for its imaginative candy and iconic stores, has selected AgilOne to capitalize on the customer data it has collected in order to bring an equally captivating shopping experience online and offline.

Praised for its innovative approach to candy by merging the worlds of art, fashion and pop culture, Dylan's Candy Bar resembles a modern day Willy Wonka factory. With over 7,000 confections, all with different colors, textures and eye-popping graphics, there's something for every candy lover. In addition to edible confections, customers can purchase other candy-inspired lifestyle products like clothing and toys as well as attend a wide variety of themed store events.

The Dylan's Candy Bar brand is constantly reinventing itself with new offerings and a rapidly expanding e-commerce site along with a growing number of stores across the United States. With its wide-ranging product line and diverse customer base, Dylan's Candy Bar will use AgilOne's technology to better understand different customer segments in order to deliver the perfect treats for their individual preferences and increasing personal engagement. AgilOne's predictive marketing cloud enables Dylan's Candy Bar to understand its customers' purchasing habits, what products they like, when they prefer to shop and other actionable information, which it can immediately turn into personalized marketing campaigns.

"Bringing a unique and creative approach to candy is a big part of what drives our business, but we must also offer a highly personalized shopping experience to our customers so we can stay ahead in today's constantly changing retail environment," said Tushar Adya, COO at Dylan's Candy Bar. "AgilOne's predictive analytics technology will help us understand our widely varying customer base, and empower us to reach out to specific customer segments with the right message at the right time."

"AgilOne is reshaping the way retailers use customer data to drive personal engagement and increase sales and brand loyalty," said AgilOne CEO Dr. Omer Artun. "We're excited to see Dylan's Candy Bar join the growing list of popular consumer brands that have implemented highly successful personalized marketing strategies using our predictive analytics cloud."

To find out more information about the AgilOne platform or book a demonstration, please contact sales@agilone.com.

About Dylan's Candy Bar
Dylan's Candy Bar was founded in 2001 by Dylan Lauren with a mission to awaken the creative spirit and inner child in everyone. Renown for merging the worlds of art, fashion and pop culture with candy, Dylan's Candy Bar is the pioneer in changing the way we see candy. As the largest state-of-the-art sweets emporium and candy lifestyle brand, Dylan's Candy Bar is not your average "candy store." The modern day candy land is home to over 7,000 candies from around the world, making it the most popular destination for the ultimate sugar rush experience.

Dylan's Candy Bar free standing stores are currently located in New York City, Los Angeles, East Hampton, Chicago and Miami and the Dylan's Candy Bar shops are located in John F Kennedy International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Mohegan Sun Casino Resorts and Grand Traverse Resort. Dylan's Candy Bar plans to continue expanding to major cosmopolitan cities in the U.S. and worldwide. For more information please visit www.DylansCandyBar.com or www.facebook.com/DylansCandy.

About AgilOne
AgilOne is the industry's first Predictive Marketing Cloud that allows marketers to deliver automated, personalized experiences across all customer touch points -- online and offline. Leveraging breakthrough predictive analytics and machine learning technology, AgilOne empowers companies of all sizes to launch revenue-generating lifecycle marketing programs, including predictive cart recovery, cluster-based purchasing and loyalty appreciation, among others. With AgilOne, companies can convert more browsers to buyers and increase overall lifetime customer value.

Leading consumer brands, including The Body Shop, BetaBrand, Shazam, Sports Authority, Moosejaw and shopPBS.org, use AgilOne to boost customer engagement and revenue. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, AgilOne investors include Sequoia Capital, the Mayfield Fund, and Tenaya Capital. For more information, please visit www.AgilOne.com.