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Dynamix's Video Technology Increases Email Marketing ROI With Embeddable Personalized Videos

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - January 29, 2014) - Dynamix, today announced the launch of an email marketing solution that offers marketers and brands the ability to easily embed personalized interactive videos into email marketing campaigns.

With Dynamix's email marketing solution, marketers can further leverage existing video assets such as :15 or :30 second television commercials and enhance that video with relevant demographic and geographic data specific to the recipient to create unique, personalized email video campaigns.

For example, a retailer could create a video that included a customer's first name inside the video along with customized directions to the closest retail outlet and a printable coupon. Dynamix offers email marketers multiple benefits, including:

  • Personalized emails: Personalized emails typically perform better than generic emails. Dynamix gives marketers an even more powerful level of personalization beyond an intro greeting -- a personalized, unique video to target consumers and customers 1-to-1.
  • The power of interactive video: Consumers are increasingly choosing digital video vs. static text articles or ads. Dynamix's personalized video email increases consumers' click-through and interaction vs. a typical marketing email.
  • Up-selling and personalized offers: By utilizing a marketer's data, Dynamix can create embeddable videos that include incentives and other personalized offers based on a variety of pre-determined factors -- predictive analytics, prior purchase history, recommendations, geography, and much more.
  • Syndication of existing video assets: Marketers can use their existing video assets or TV commercials and extend their reach via personalized videos embedded in marketing emails.

"Email marketers have spent years perfecting the art and science of email marketing. As consumers increasingly suffer from email fatigue, marketers are searching for solutions to create engaging email marketing creative. Embedded videos are a powerful solution to increase email marketing ROI. With that, our new email marketing solution gives marketers the ability to easily create embeddable, personalized videos at scale. We think this is the future of email marketing," said Jack Cohen-Martin, Co-Founder and COO, Dynamix.

About Dynamix

Founded in 2010, NYC-based Dynamix is the next evolutionary step in video advertising. Dynamix enhances in-stream video with real-time creative services, so that advertisers can efficiently maximize their video spots across all 4 screens -- online, mobile, IPTV and Tablet. Dynamix's STREAMx technology blends media assets with advertiser's data feeds and user-specific data to deliver engaging, highly relevant and localized dynamic ads in unlimited combinations. For more information visit: www.dynamix.tv