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Dynamo exclusively reveals the craziest theories behind some of his magic tricks

Catherine Earp
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From Digital Spy

It’s been six years since Dynamo was last on our TV screens, and now the top magician is back with a new show.

But with social media now playing a big part in how we consume television, the 37-year-old isn’t worried about people foiling his tricks online.

"They wish," Dynamo exclusively said to Digital Spy. "There’s an incredible amount of skill in what I do, as well as all the other things that go into it.

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"I think people can really see that in this series. The way I perform magic, it’s never down to get one over on people. It’s not a challenge where I am trying to trick you so you try and bust me. But there are two types of people who watch magic, the ones who enjoy the experience, and the ones who want to figure it out.

"I read all these comments, I’ve been getting comments since I first started putting things on YouTube in 1995. I’ve grown up with it, I’m a YouTube generation kid.

"People have their own assumptions on how things are done, but this is good. If people are taking the time to comment, it means that they care."

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He also spoke about some of the best theories he’s seen about his illusions.

"I get some funny ones, really crazy responses. Like people saying I used trained dolphins under my feet when I walked across the Thames. I just enjoy them for what they are, if people are writing comments, it means they’re watching the videos. Win, win."

Dynamo: Beyond Belief is a new three-part show on Sky that documents his recovery from illness, combined with some mind-blowing tricks.

Dynamo, who recently tested positive for coronavirus, added: "I do think the show is really relatable to a lot of people’s situations right now.

"I was isolated myself when I was creating the magic for the show. You see a lot of those selfie videos from when I was in lockdown recovering. It’s timely but unfortunate but maybe my show will be a little escape for people who are bored of watching the news."

Dynamo: Beyond Belief is on Sky One tonight at 9pm. All episodes are currently available on Sky Demand and Now TV.

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