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Eagle Alpha's Latest Apple Report Shows Lackluster Demand for iPhone & Apple TV Plus, Consumer Sentiment for New iPhones Down Sharply from 2018

Camera Has Tarantula, "Shocked" Cindy Crawford, & Trypophobia Issues, Say Consumers

NEW YORK and DUBLIN, Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Eagle Alpha's latest Apple report shows lackluster demand and weakening sentiment for new iPhones and a lack of momentum for Apple services, such as Apple TV Plus. Consumer sentiment for the new iPhone dropped from last year across all four categories analyzed by Eagle Alpha--battery life, display, camera, prices--with a notably sharp drop in sentiment for the camera.

Eagle Alpha is the largest aggregator of alternative data globally with access to more than 1,000 datasets and solutions for corporations, private equity funds and buyside firms.

Eagle Alpha's 2018 Apple reports showed declining demand for iPhones in the third quarter of 2018, which presaged weaker-than expected sales over the following 12 months. Eagle Alpha's latest Apple report examined 13 million Twitter mentions and Google search data from 2016-19, including the week following Apple's September 10 iPhone announcement.

The latest report shows little improvement in consumer engagement with the latest iPhone models after last year's sharp decrease from 2017.

Sentiment, on the other hand, has turned sharply negative for the 2019 iPhone models across all four categories analyzed by Eagle Alpha--battery life, display, camera and price---after rising slightly in 2018.

Left side: online mentions indexed to 100. Right side: iPhone unit sales (millions) (PRNewsfoto/Eagle Alpha)

"There has been a lot of negative sentiment about the iPhone, especially the camera," said

Eagle Alpha CEO Emmett Kilduff in a Sept 19 interview on the TD Ameritrade Network [at 0:16].  "People are saying the camera looks ugly, like a tarantula or a scared Cindy Crawford," he explained. "On a more serious note, some are saying that for people with trypophobia, it's not helpful," added Mr. Kilduff.

People with trypophobia "have an intense physical and emotional reaction whenever they see patterns made up of holes," according to WebMD.

Eagle Alpha's Web Queries sentiment analysis scores Twitter commentary between +5 and -5. Web Queries is a query-based tool that Eagle Alpha clients use to analyse unstructured text data from over 90 million web sources including review sites, blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter.

And while overall consumer engagement across the four areas of Apple services--Apple music, Apple Pay/Apple Card, Apple TV Plus, and Apple Arcade--has risen since Q4 2018, it still lags peak levels hit in mid-2018. A gradual increase in engagement from 2017 is positive but it does not appear to indicate an imminent acceleration of consumer acceptance of these services, according to Eagle Alpha's latest report.

Among Apple services, Apple Music has dominated Twitter conversation over the last three years. Conversations picked up for Apple TV Plus with March launch but this interest hasn't been sustained in the period since, which covers Apple's Sep 10 announcement of a $5 monthly subscription. Apple Arcade was only launched recently and has failed to garner any serious share of mentions for the total period examined.

Media may request a copy of Eagle Alpha's latest Apple report here. Corporate, private equity and buyside requests may be made here.

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