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Eagles lineman Ian Park sings Halo theme song in team shower

Eagles rookie lineman Ian Park sang the Halo theme song in the team locker room shower on Friday. (Twitter/Philadelphia Eagles)

Offensive lineman Ian Park was one of 15 undrafted rookies signed by the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason, and is currently fighting for a spot on their final roster.

Off the field, though, Park has already found an in with the Eagles and the team’s fanbase. On Friday, Park belted out an incredible version the “Halo” theme song in the team showers.

This isn’t the first time Park has done this, either. The former Slippery Rock and Northwestern guard shared a similar video back in 2016 from what looks like the Wildcats’ locker room.

How Park learned he has this talent, we’re not sure. But one thing is clear — “Halo” loved it.

“Hey Ian Park! If you’re ever in Seattle, feel free to swing by the studio for a visit,” the iconic Xbox video game series tweeted at Park on Friday. “We’d love to hear that angelic voice in person.”

“I would love to visit sometime!” Park quickly tweeted back. “It would be a dream come true!”

So while Park’s future with the Eagles is still undecided, it sounds like the lineman may have earned himself a spot on the next “Halo” soundtrack.

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