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Earnest Machine-Owned Zirks, LLC Creates and Launches New Commodity Importing Model

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio, Nov. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Zirks, LLC, a new business venture, is excited to announce the launch of a cutting-edge importing platform that will empower supply chain managers to reduce expenses and increase efficiency in the face of increasing tariff and supply chain logistics costs.

A spin-off of Cleveland-based Earnest Machine, a global importer, master distributor, and manufacturer of fasteners, Zirks was created to solve the industry's most difficult challenge: reducing lead times on commoditized items without increasing cost.

The Zirks model solves both problems by making full containers of commoditized fasteners available for instant purchase the moment they're on the water. Through a transparent, customer-driven online portal, buyers control their own pricing and timing, based on how much they buy and when they buy it, even if it's a single pallet.

"Being a fastener importer for decades, we knew that little had changed," says Kirk Zehnder, Zirks' President. "We wanted to make it better and thought an easy thing to do was simplify importing, aggregate the market demand, and reduce operational expenses and inefficiencies. It was a big question that forced us to get creative."

Zirks allows purchasing, supply chain, and logistics managers to order and receive commodity fasteners from overseas in as little as five days or, at most, five weeks. No longer are they subject to factory delays, unforeseen costs, or excess inventory. Zirks empowers buyers to increase gross margin (up to 30%) on imported commodities through full container purchasing power at single pallet quantities.

Zirks is fundamentally shifting the perception of lead time and inventory management while paving the way for convenience and agility. Whether a distributor needs to fill a gap buy or simply wants to eliminate the paperwork and hassle of importing directly, Zirks is effectively leading the charge for faster, smarter importing.

Distributors interested in using the Zirks platform can do so at no cost by visiting https://zirks.io/.

Contact: Dan Pongallo, 1-833-571-3778, inquiry@zirks.io

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