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Earnings Season Shakeups

Brian Bolan

Earnings season is upon us as we enter the fourth quarter. I know there are lot of interesting calls coming this quarter, maybe you are interested in the total number of iPhones Apple sold or possibly the number of vials that Questcor sold of its elixir-like Acthar Gel.

I know there are lots of data points and discussions that will occur over the coming weeks, but I am looking forward to one call more than others.

Marissa Mayer was installed as CEO of Yahoo (YHOO) and this will be her first call at the helm. She spent years as a top executive at Google and is now running the show at their biggest search rival.

Along with the Google-esque perk of free food for employees, Mayer has also moved to give all employees a free iPhone. Talk about a smack in the face to her former employer and owner of the Android operating system.

So I am looking forward to that call more than any other this quarter, which one are you looking forward to?


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