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EarthWater Opens New Retail Store and Tests Concept for Future Franchise or Company Stores

ADDISON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 12, 2016 / EarthWater, Inc., www.EarthWater.com, a manufacturer of high alkaline mineral-infused beverages under the brands FulHum www.DrinkFulHum.com and ZenFul www.DrinkZenFul.com, announced today the opening of a new Retail Store inside their new Corporate Headquarters.

EarthWater Chairman CJ Comu stated, "EarthWater Products have, until recently, been available exclusively through the Amazon e-commerce platform. As sales climb, the focus will be to move out of conventional retail stores and secure a stronger online presence. On October 1st 2016, EarthWater moved their offices to a new building, which proved to be conducive to the opening of a retail storefront."

The new EarthWater Retail Store is expected to generate revenue, traffic, and brand exposure, as well as encourage fans of EarthWater to engage with the company in person. EarthWater expects the retail store opening within its headquarters will be a great way to attract new customers to try the product with free samples on site. The new EarthWater Store is approximately 100 sq/ft facility. Store Hours will be Monday to Friday, from 9am-3pm. This location will also serve as EarthWater University (EU) to test and launch new brands and concepts and gauge consumer feedback.

In examining the success of www.Starbucks.com (NYSE: SBUX) Retail Model - now approaching 25,000 Stores, the category of healthy beverages for healthy minded consumers is growing globally, and makes sense to explore this retail strategy.

If the concept works as planned, the Company will review its options on either Company owned/operated stores in Malls, Fitness Centers, and Airports as well as review a Franchise Concept to introduce and expand its brand on a global basis.

At the new Retail Store, consumers will be able to stop in and purchase any one of growing number of EarthWater Products currently available.

  • Case of 12 - 20 ounce FulHum PET Bottles
  • Case of 12 - 20 ounce ZenFul PET Bottles (Four Flavor Variety Pack)
  • Case of 12 - 20 ounce ZenFul PET Bottles (12 Cucumber Mint)
  • Case of 12 - 20 ounce ZenFul PET Bottles (12 Chamomile Hibiscus)
  • Case of 12 - 20 ounce ZenFul PET Bottles (12 Jasmine Blackberry)
  • Case of 12 - 20 ounce ZenFul PET Bottles (12 Lemon Lime Cilantro)
  • Case of 6 - 1 Liter FulHum Glass Bottles
  • Single Unit - 1 Liter FulHum Glass Bottle
  • Box of 30 - .75ml FulHum Sachets - for travel & sport
  • Box of 30 - FulHum "PopTops" - for bottle waters lacking FulHum
  • Jar of 60 Chews - EarthWater Multi Vitamin Chew "Vites"

About EarthWater

EarthWater, Inc., www.EarthWater.com, is a manufacturer of Mineral Infused High-Alkaline Beverages. Their brands FulHum and ZenFul use a 100% natural, proprietary blend of organic Fulvic and Humic complexes mined from deep within the Earth's surface. Fulvic and Humic minerals are believed to have properties which detoxify free radicals, and improve absorption of key nutrients. To engage with EarthWater online, you are encouraged to 'like' and 'follow' the brand's social media pages. EarthWater inquiries can be contacted by email at info@earthwater.com.

SOURCE: EarthWater, Inc.