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How Easily Will 1500 Fall?

Steve Reitmeister

There should be no shock to anyone that a Cliff resolution was going to push the market up to 1500. Breaking out above is a different story.

Sure I sense we will get and stay above in 2013. But is now that time???

I'm interested in your views on the matter. So, let me know which answer best reflects where you stand.

1) 1500 will fall very soon on the way to new heights.

2) We will battle over 1500 for a good while and then get above.

3) Resistance at 1500 is too strong. First, we pullback for a while and then maybe a few months down the road have the energy to overtake this level.

4) The bull rally that started in March 2009 is over and we will not get above 1500 for a long, long time. 

5) Other.

Which of these views best matches what your gut is telling you...and why? Share in the comments section below.

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