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EC Lending, LLC Announces Credit Card Consolidation Services

ESCONDIDO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 27, 2017 / EC Lending, of San Diego, California, has begun offering their clients the ability to consolidate their credit card debt at lower rates. The lender, which was founded in 2014, has become a major player in the Californian financial industry. The company's initial goal was to be an automotive finance specialist, but things quickly changed once their experience in finance grew. Rumors that EC Lending would be delving into debt consolidation have been circling the region for a matter of months now. Recent announcements are simply putting pen to paper on the initiative.

The company released a statement saying, "Many individual's in modern America have extremely high credit card balances that seem almost impossible to pay off. A lot of this is no fault of their own; they have fallen victim to a time that has seen America's economy face major setbacks and have responded to these set backs by attempting to maintain normalcy in their lives. We're looking to restore that normalcy. With EC Lending, you are able to refinance your current credit card debt to significantly lower rates. In addition, you can pay this debt off in fixed terms in order to create a proper timeline for when your debt will be eliminated."

The debt consolidation company has seen extreme growth in the past few years since the rising credit crises. The levels of interest rates that consumers often pay on their credit card debt make repaying completely un-affordable. Firms such as EC Lending have found unique ways to target low risk borrowers and offer them extremely reduced rates in exchange for paying off their debt immediately. Many consumers have begun to turn to this option, as it allows them to even their balance sheet out once and for all.

Shortly after the announcement, a company spokesperson stated, "This is a new service line that our business is extremely proud to be offering. We will be aiding individuals in recreating the lifestyles that they deserve, at costs that they can afford."