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eCaring Expands Into Private Pay Market With Chicago's LifeStyle Options, Inc.

SCHAUMBURG, IL--(Marketwired - May 7, 2015) - To ensure the best possible care for its clients, LifeStyle Options, Inc., one of the Chicago's leading home care companies, has signed an agreement with eCaring to provide its unique cloud-based care and disease management systems to LifeStyle's clients. LifeStyle Options marks eCaring's initial expansion into the private pay market, which includes more than 2.4 million families in the U.S.

"Our family services will now feature eCaring's state of the art tracking and management system. Families can log on and monitor specifically how mom or dad is doing, which services they are receiving, how they're maintaining their health status and we can be alerted to any situations requiring immediate attention," said Laura deBruin, MSW, president and COO of LifeStyle Options, Inc. "These new eCaring features enhance communication between our staff and family members, ensuring that we provide a better service than ever to keep our clients living comfortably at home longer by avoiding serious problems that could lead to hospitalizations."

eCaring's award-winning Cloud technology, running on the latest Galaxy Tab® of its partner Samsung, is designed to enhance care and reduce costs by providing a real-time home care management and monitoring system. Alerts enable timely interventions to keep small problems from becoming big ones.

"eCaring provides peace of mind for family members wanting to ensure that their loved ones are receiving the best possible care at home, where they want to be, for as long as possible, while keeping connected and tracking their care through the Cloud, anytime and anywhere," said Robert M. Herzog, founder and CEO of eCaring. "Alerts based on settings made by LifeStyle Options in conjunction with relatives will generate instant notifications about significant problems requiring immediate attention so all parties can respond appropriately and quickly to enhance care quality."

eCaring has saved an average of over $4,000 per patient per month, by reducing ER visits, hospitalizations and readmissions, substantially lowering patient costs while improving care quality. For example, eCaring reduced CHF readmission rates for Beth Israel Medical Center in New York by 60%, and has been proven to reduce hospital length of stays by 70%, as well as MD visits by 50% and nurse visits by 12%.

About LifeStyle Options, Inc.
LifeStyle Options, Inc. is a Chicago area private duty company. Owned and operated by a Registered Nurse and in business for over 26 years, LifeStyle Options, Inc. provides services in the 8-county area around Chicago and Rockford. Its mission is to provide reliable services of highest quality that encourage adults to be as independent as possible and to live at home with dignity, comfort and security. For information about LifeStyle Options, Inc., visit their web site at www.lifestyleoptions.com.

About eCaring
eCaring, a privately held New York-based company, is dedicated to improving patient care in the home. Its unique system integrates behavioral, clinical, and medication adherence data to provide a real-time home healthcare management and monitoring system for seniors and people with chronic conditions. eCaring's Cloud-based platform allows care managers and providers, hospitals and health plans to receive alerts. The result is a more efficient allocation of resources, improved information sharing, and reduced overall cost of care. Among eCaring's growing list of clients are Healthfirst, Metropolitan Jewish Health System, Jewish Home Lifecare, Senior Health Partners, Beth Israel Medical Center, and others. To learn more, please visit www.ecaring.com.