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The Eco Hippie Proudly Presents the Eco Luxe Home Essentials Collection, Featuring Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Products and 100% Organic Cotton PaperLess Towels and Wipes

SANDWICH, Ill., June 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Courtney Patterson, founder and owner of the Illinois-based, eco-friendly products company The Eco Hippie, is pleased to announce the Eco Luxe Home Essentials Collection.

Proudly featuring eco-friendly household cleaning products and organic fabric towels and wipes, this new collection by The Eco Hippie includes upgraded, luxurious versions of some of the company's current bestsellers.

Their exclusively handcrafted Eco Luxe Organic PaperLess Towels, Facial Wipes, and Toilet Wipes are made from 100% certified organic cotton fabrics. Each is available in several options to fulfill a variety of common household and personal needs.

The new collection features a brand new product, the Eco Extreme Clean Soap Bar. This eco-friendly, all-purpose natural household cleanser is made with 100% coconut oil, which is known for its extreme cleansing properties.

The Eco Extreme Clean Soap Bar is a cold process soap that is handmade from start to finish. Through the process of saponification, the coconut oil is formed into a very hard bar of soap that is extremely cleansing on a wide variety of surfaces.

The new Eco Extreme Clean Soap Bar makes it easy to wash dishes, sinks, and countertops, to treat tough laundry stains, and to clean just about anything in the home without the hazardous chemicals that are typically found in most commercial cleaning products.

The Eco Luxe Home Essentials Collection also features a beautiful handcrafted natural Eco Luxe Cedar Soap Dish, designed specifically to drain water from your luxurious handmade bars of soap, so that they will dry faster and last longer.

Two variations of scrub brushes are included in the Eco Luxe Home Essentials Collection. Ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and scrubbing, the Eco Luxe Dish Scrubber is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, while the Eco Luxe Dish Brush has a longer handle with slightly softer bristles and a biodegradable replaceable brush head.

About the Company

The Eco Hippie was founded by product designer and expert soap maker Courtney Patterson, who lives in the small town community of Sandwich, Illinois with her husband Pete and their children, Mason, Jaden, Liam and Finley.

In Courtney's own words, she states, "For as long as I can remember, I've always had a deep passion and love of nature. I felt that I could do more to make an impactful difference on the environment, so I began making my own eco-friendly products to greatly help reduce my family's waste. Once I realized how easy it can be for us to transition to reusable products, I opened my shop in 2017, following my personal desire to help others gently ease into a more sustainable lifestyle along with me."

The Eco Luxe Home Essentials Collection will be released on June 5, 2020, at the company's online retail website at www.theecohippie.com.

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For more information about the Eco Luxe Home Essentials Collection or to interview The Eco Hippie company's founder/owner, Courtney Patterson, please contact her via email at courtney@theecohippie.com

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