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Ed Tyson Releases New Book, "From Expert to Executive: Mastering the SOPS of Leading"

Executive Coach, Consultant and Architect of the LeadershipSOPs Methodology and Framework Redefines Leadership and Debunks Misconceptions Started by Some of the World’s Most Famous Leadership Gurus

Ed Tyson, chief executive officer of PerSynergy Consulting, architect of the LeadershipSOPs, and executive coach and consultant to both small niche brands and Fortune 500 companies, announces the launch of his book, From Expert to Executive: Mastering the SOPS of Leading. Dubbed a leadership lifehack, the book is available now via Amazon.com.

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"My new book addresses the underlying issue plaguing most organizations today: not enough leaders are leading," states Tyson. "Unfortunately, the pent-up frustrations over this crisis are frequently misdirected at the leaders rather than the system itself – a system which continues to offer experts few paths for progression that don’t include leadership and then fails to prepare them for it before or after they arrive. "

The groundbreaking new book posits that even when we do support these leaders, we often doom our efforts to failure by overloading our development programs with training on interpersonal skills and leadership styles (an approach which wrongly assumes these leaders already know how to differentiate their work from the team’s). Instead, Tyson suggests we begin with the shockingly simple, yet contrarian principle that leaders need to understand, choose and then engage in the actual work of leading before getting bogged down in the complicated world of skills and styles. Written as a fictional case study within a novel, From Expert to Executive: Mastering the SOPS of Leading highlights a matrix of interconnected stories of personal and professional struggle, through which a solution is presented to the characters and readers: the LeadershipSOPs. Behind the model’s elegantly compact SOPs acronym, lies a mnemonic double entendre, implying both a methodology which identifies the approach (developing and leveraging standard operating procedures) and a framework which highlights the work (structuring, operating, and perfecting communities of effort).

As a former Marine, executive, coach and consultant with more than 25 years of leading and mentoring under his belt, Tyson has lived through and witnessed the personal and public struggles real leaders face – from inattention to inconsistency. His new book aims to demystify, deconstruct and rebuild collective notions of leadership with a heightened emphasis on the idea that leadership is a process of social organization meant to yield willing, capable and sustainable communities of effort. It delivers tangible guidance to leaders just waking to their responsibilities, veteran executives searching for scalability, and mentors trying to simplify coaching conversations.

To purchase a copy of From Expert to Executive: Mastering the SOPs of Leading visit amazon.com. Learn more at www.LeadershipSOPs.com.

ABOUT LeadershipSOPs: A former strategy executive and Marine turned executive coach and organizational consultant, Ed Tyson is the chief architect of LeadershipSOPs – a ground-breaking leadership methodology and framework that encourages leaders to develop and deploy standard operating procedures to structure, operate and perfect their communities of effort. He works hand-in-hand with boards, leadership teams and C-level leaders from around the country to assess and correct issues ranging from solvency to strategy and is a tested executive coach and an individual, group and organizational development expert. To learn more about LeadershipSOPs, visit www.LeadershipSOPs.com.

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