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Eddie Murphy planning another 'Beverly Hills Cop'

Kristian Dyer

Don’t call it a comeback. Actor Eddie Murphy has plans on reprising his role as Axel Foley for "Beverly Hills Cop 4," one of the signature performances of his long and storied career, according to a recent interview.

Murphy, whose interpretation of Foley produced an iconic character of the movie industry in the 1980s, is currently working on another '80s sequel -- “Coming to America.” That film was one of the top-grossing films of 1988 and is expected to come out next year.

Foley was a Detroit police officer, dropped into posh Beverly Hills for a murder investigation. The movie, released in 1984, grossed over $234 million domestically. The smash-hit underscored Murphy’s comedic appeal, as the movie outperformed classics released that year such as “Ghostbusters” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” as well as “The Karate Kid.”

Murphy announced his plans to reprise the role on the eve of the release of "Dolemite is my Name," a biopic of comedian, blaxploitation artist and musician Rudy Ray Moore. The film will be in select theaters Friday, and will be available on Netflix starting Oct. 25.

Murphy remains a powerful box office draw, even as his production has slowed down in recent years. A new generation knows him as the voice of the “Shrek” character, Donkey, but he has mostly worked on smaller projects over the past decade.

He told Collider.com that he’ll begin filming the next “Beverly Hills Cop” installment soon. The comedian also confirmed that he will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" in what looks like a December appearance.

“Yeah that’s what we’re doing after ‘Coming to America 2.’ We’re doing 'Beverly Hills Cop' and then the plan is to get back on stage and do standup,” Murphy told the site. “That’s what I’ll be doing mostly is standup. These movies and 'Saturday Night Live,' it’s kind of like … I’m looking at it as a bookend. If I decided I wanted to stay on the couch forever, I ended it on a funny note.”

With films about nostalgia in-style, Murphy could again be a powerhouse at the box office.

Three iterations of the Beverly Hills series all proved a success, but each with declining box office returns. The third and most recent movie was released in 1994.


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