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Eden Health Brings Concierge Physical Therapy Direct to Employees

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- Eden Health brings together highest quality Physical Therapists, ranking among the nation's top 1% with advanced training and experience

- Eden Health PT provides 1:1 care for 60 minute in-person and/or virtual sessions

- Physical Therapy Services are available to Eden Health patients via in-person physician referral, virtual physician referral, or Direct Access by messaging an Eden Health Care Team Provider

NEW YORK, May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- National medical practice Eden Health today announced the incorporation of physical therapy as part of its comprehensive healthcare services for Eden Health patients. Members receive dedicated, 60 minute, one-on-one care from physical therapists either virtually or at Eden's FiDi (NYC), The Park at Connell (NJ), and other soon-to-be-announced locations. Members can also communicate with their physical therapist directly for ad-hoc advice and guidance via the Eden Health app for all of their musculoskeletal needs.

(PRNewsfoto/Eden Health)
(PRNewsfoto/Eden Health)

Eden Health's standard of care for its members is fully comprehensive and collaborative, encompassing primary care, behavioral health, and now, physical therapy. Eden Health Care Teams take collective responsibility for each patient's ongoing care, recognizing that a 360 degree view of the patient provides the most positive, long term health outcomes.

Members can easily have a physical therapy appointment set up within 48 hours. Members can receive a referral through an Eden Health primary care physician in person or virtually or they can have direct access by messaging an Eden Health Care Team member to arrange an appointment. Members can also communicate with a physical therapist directly for ad-hoc musculoskeletal advice and guidance via the Eden Health app. Additionally, the Eden Health blog offers videos of simple exercises and stretches that members can perform in their office or home.

Physical therapy promotes, maintains, or restores movement and manages pain for the bones, nerves or muscles. It is a vital component of preventive care, rehabilitation, and treatment for patients with chronic conditions, illnesses, or injuries. While physical therapy is sometimes overlooked, it has proven to improve patient health. One study observed 32,070 patients that were exhibiting lower back pain; however, only 7% of those patients received physical therapy. Those who received physical therapy reduced their health risks and their medical bills in comparison to the other 93% of individuals who chose to live with chronic back pain.

"Physical therapy, behavioral care, and primary care all work in concert for an individual's overall health and quality of life, and Eden Health is leading the way providing this robust collaborative care," stated Matt McCambridge, CEO and co-founder of Eden Health.

The physical therapist team at Eden Health includes manually trained Fellowship therapists from such organizations as NAIOMT and The University of Illinois-Chicago, which collaborated with Northwestern, which is only achieved by the top 1% of physical therapists in the US. The physical therapist determines a customized therapy plan based upon the patient's pain issues and by observing their specific body movement during their dedicated one-on-one sessions. These in-person touchpoints empower the physical therapists to discern nuances in the patient's body that popular apps aren't equipped to do. The app also allows for the same elite fellow-trained therapist to provide convenient virtual care to patients in the office or from home. Each appointment is 60 minutes long to ensure the patient has enough time to receive optimal care in each session. Eden Health patients may need physical therapy for a myriad of musculoskeletal dysfunctions including pain from working at makeshift workstations in the home (a common COVID scenario), sports injury flare ups, or injuries from past traumas.

Dr. Kevin Kenefick was the one of the original architects of the physical therapy program at Eden Health, and he has recently been named the Director of Physical Therapy. Dr. Kenefick is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy in New York and New Jersey and received his Doctor's degree from University of Scranton. He is a certified manual therapist (CMPT) and is part of the top 1% of physical therapists who is a Fellow-in-Training at NAIOMT. Prior to joining Eden Health, he was a Clinical Director at Professional Physical Therapy.

"I'm honored to help create an elite physical therapy team that is integrated into the primary care for Eden Health patients," said Dr. Kevin Kenefick. "Combining the best of both in-person and virtual healthcare experiences is what not only makes Eden special, but makes Eden's PT offering unique."

About Eden Health
Eden Health is a nationally recognized medical practice that makes it easier for HR teams to get their employees great medical care. Eden Health's Care Team offers employees digital care around the clock, same-day in-person primary care, behavioral health services and benefits navigation, designed to empower bodies and minds so employees can focus on their lives with newfound energy. Eden Health also has industry-leading engagement: out of every 100 eligible employees, 66 of them have completed an Eden Health clinical encounter in the first 12 months, with an average member rating of 4.95 out of 5. To learn more, visit edenhealth.com.

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