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Editor's picks: The top videos of the day

1. Figure skating’s final frontier: Is the quintuple jump possible?

Nathan Chen completed a record-setting six quad jumps in a single routine. Now the Olympic bronze medalist has another record in his sights: a five-rotation jump.

2. Brawl breaks out on cruise after passenger steps on flip flop

A Carnival cruise turned into a bloody brawl when someone stepped on another passenger’s flip flop.

3. Woman suspended from job after video shows her yelling at flight attendant

A woman caused quite a scene on board a flight because of a crying baby, but the tables have turned. It turns out the woman who got all sorts of attention for her obnoxious behavior works for the New York State Council on the Arts, but now her name and image have been removed from the council’s official website.

4. Wolves play a menacing game with dog

This dog refused to be prey to a wolf pack in Abruzzo, Italy. The wolves can be seen chasing the dog and biting it twice before it escaped by jumping through a hole in a fence.

5. Ski Jumping 101: How to adjust your body in mid-air

Ski jumper Kevin Bickner breaks down the mechanics of his sport, including how one makes small but significant adjustments while flying through the air at 60 mph.