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EdTech Startup mytaptrack® Makes AI More Accessible

Seattle-area startup discovers better serverless AI training solution

SEATTLE, Nov. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Inspired Futures AI, a Seattle-area startup, has developed a better way to access the broad array of artificial intelligence algorithms provided by Amazon Web Services ("AWS"), and they've made it open source. The solution has been integrated into their launch product, mytaptrack®, an IoT device that tracks the behaviors and symptoms of special needs children. 

Inspired Futures AI founder, Nikody Keating, created mytaptrack® after a miscommunication concerning his own special needs child resulted in delayed treatment. mytaptrack® does more than just track data — it uses artificial intelligence to look for patterns and changes in patterns, and reports these changes in real time to parents, teachers and doctors of special needs children for faster diagnoses and treatment. 

Keating shared, "One of the biggest challenges software developers face when accessing AWS AI algorithms is that in order to use them you need to know Python. Developers must use large libraries and they learn pretty quickly how time-consuming and expensive this can be." 

Keating's serverless computing approach to Al for mytaptrack® has eliminated these costs. The solution opens the door for any language, not just Python, to interface with the capabilities and possibilities AWS AI brings. The solution is fully open source and available to developers at: https://bitbucket.org/inspiredfuturesai/csv-protobuf-pipeline/src/master/

mytaptrack® uses Amazon Web Services and Logicworks to ensure sensitive, regulated, medical and educational data in the cloud meets the highest security standards. A complete history of data can be managed and shared in the online mytaptrack® platform with accessibility controlled by the main account subscriber. Enterprise subscriptions for mytaptrack® are available for schools and medical facilities. Parents of special needs children can request a trial kit through the mytaptrack.com website. 

About Inspired Futures AI, LLC 
Inspired Futures AI is a Seattle-area tech company that helps special needs children succeed using mytaptrack®. mytaptrack®, a symptoms tracking IoT device and platform, counts the moments that shape special needs children, and shares data in real time with teachers, parents and doctors. mytaptrack® is poised to revolutionize special education through innovation that promotes inclusion, progress and understanding. Inspired Futures AI is committed to providing private, secure, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) compliant solutions for children worldwide. Learn more at mytaptrack.com and @mytaptrack on all social media platforms.  

Kelly Keating 


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