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EdTech Studio, Wonder Media, Produces Emergency Preparedness Animation Series to Engage Kids Partnership with the Hero In You Foundation Lands the "Rocket Rules" in Hands of Fire, Earthquake and FEMA Professionals

Cameo by Justin Turner, Los Angeles Dodger and National League Championship Series MVP

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The EdTech animation studio founded by Terry Thoren, the former CEO of the company that incubated Rugrats and The Simpsons, has rolled out yet another mission-driven series using animated stories to engage children. The series is titled "Rocket Rules;" and was developed with the Hero In You Foundation to teach emergency preparedness and safety awareness to children ages 3-9. Based on research which shows that children will mimic the behaviors of an animated character before they listen to an adult, the series features Rocket the Safety Spokesdog who delivers tough subjects in a kid-friendly way. Wonder Media produced the concept and series for The Hero in You Foundation and they have teamed up with fire departments, law enforcement agencies, school districts, afterschool programs, community centers, museums and libraries to distribute the safety resources. One of the videos is hosted by Los Angeles Dodger and NLCS MVP Justin Turner who also appears in TV public service announcements. The program has been endorsed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's former director, James Lee Witt.

Aligned with the National Health Education Standards for K-5th graders, Rocket Rules teaches safety awareness with topics that range from natural disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes to manmade tragedies such as a dangerous intruder on a school campus. The series includes 23 lessons in Spanish and English based on Rocket's 5 Rules of Safety: Be Prepared, Stay Calm, Follow the Plan, Stay in Your Safe Zone and Call for Help. The program includes a series of workbooks and a state-of-the-art ability for an animated Rocket the Safety Dog to make personal and customized live appearances into school assemblies via Skype.

"The Rocket Rules deliver emergency preparedness safety skills in a fun, memorable, and age appropriate way, to children 3 to 9 years old. We want to give children the ability to make life-saving decisions in a split-second," said Terry Thoren, CEO of Wonder Media.

About: Wonder Media is an animation production studio in Los Angeles, California producing animated stories to connect with children at risk with content that addresses hunger, emergency preparedness, social-emotional learning, critical thinking, autism, nutrition, children with disabilities and children living in a home with an addicted adult. The studio has produced animated lessons for the Global Institute for Habits of Mind, the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center Foundation, the Betty Ford Children's Center, the Hero in You Foundation, the Gabe Alvarado Foundation, the NALC Food Drive, The Boy Scouts of America, the The Girl Scouts of America and the Wyland Water Foundation. Wonder Media is also the creator of WonderGrove Story Maker®, which turns classrooms into state-of-the-art animation production studios.  Story Maker® is in 172 school districts in 24 states nationwide.

About: The Hero In You Foundation is a California non profile 501© 3 organization founded in 2014 by Bunni and Rick Benaron with a mission to save lives by empowering, educating, and inspiring children and families to take charge of their emergency preparedness. The foundation began by dedicating six-foot tall Dalmatian puppy sculptures to cities, fire stations, parks, museums and libraries for honor first responders; over 30 have been placed throughout the United States, El Salvador, and Israel.

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