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How Education Ecosystem Has Brought Practical Learning To The 21st Century

There has been a significant uptick in online learning, even before the pandemic. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, distance learning enrollment has outpaced traditional educational enrollments going back to 2018.

Naturally, the growing demand for online learning resources means that new tools are being introduced constantly to meet this demand. While most people would assume that online learning is limited to formal learning institutions like universities and colleges, there are many non-formal online educational institutions that offer an array of services.

One of these is Education Ecosystem, a project-based learning platform that is built for

professionals and students alike. Education Ecosystem works differently from

many of the existing online learning resources as it focuses on a hands-on and project-based

method. Rather than offer only theory, the platform shows its students how to create real-

world applications in various fields.

These fields include artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, and blockchain. The

teachers on the platform are creators themselves and teach users how to create practical

applications relevant to their needs. They operate by targeting a specific niche of people that are often underserved by other online learning platforms.

Education Ecosystem And Its Unique Niche

Most online learning platforms tend to focus on the same demographic; beginners or those

with intermediate experience in a particular field. The average online learning provider promises to help those who have never attempted a skill (e.g. coding) before becoming experts or those who have some basic experience.

This is not the case with Education Ecosystem, which focuses as strictly on those with at least intermediate experience. This includes professionals in certain fields who want to build on their expertise or those who have gone past the beginner stage and want to improve.

How Education Ecosystem Works

Most online learning platforms teach via courses. These courses are a step-by-step way of learning the material at hand. While it is not ineffective, it is more theory-based and does not guarantee that the student can apply the skills being learned. Education Ecosystem works differently, using a project-based model.

Rather than courses, students learn by working on a project. This allows intermediaries to

get a hands-on feel of what it means to develop an industry-grade product. Professionals will

also get a chance to brush up on their skills in a practical way.

According to Education Ecosystem’s project creation manager Dusan Kolic, “Project-based learning seeks to better prepare students for solving real-life problems and issues while teaching them what they need to know to succeed in their careers.” One of the reasons for the method is the fact that their target audience is people who are already in their desired field. As such, they are likely seeking to further their career and practical knowledge will better serve them than theory.

Deploying Blockchain Technology

Education Ecosystem utilizes decentralized technology in order to create an ecosystem that

incentivizes learners, project creators, API developers, other online companies, colleges, and


The content offered on the platform is based on peer-to-peer projects. The result is that it is more cost-effective and faster to deploy content. This also benefits users as they have access to a wider range of resources at their disposal. For professionals who wish to

improve on their skills quickly, this is an invaluable asset.

“All I had to do was create a tutorial on something that I have experience in,” said Ryan Schuetz, an Education Ecosystem user.

It is no secret that people must know practical applications as well as theory. However, many

existing educational platforms focus squarely on the latter. While this might be sufficient for a

person who has never, for example, written code before, it will not be adequate for a fairly

experienced coder.

Education Ecosystem targets a section of the market that has been underserved in the past. In the future, we can expect to see a greater demand for project-based learning to offer more practical skills that can be deployed across sectors in the real world.

Disclaimer: the writer does not have any relationship or vested interest in Education Ecosystem. Please consult your financial advisor before investing in or using any cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency exchanges as both pose risk. This article is for educational purposes and does not constitute financial advice.  



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