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Educational Forex Trading Firm Offers Funding To New Traders

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2020 / Forex is a decentralized global marketplace where currencies from all over the world are traded by international investors. It is the biggest and most liquidated marketplace for investment and trade. In fact, there is over $5 trillion in trading volume that takes place every day on the Forex market. An investor who can create the right strategy will dominate this market. Many seasoned Forex investors have had more success at Forex trading than stock trading because of its massive liquidity.

Forex has also been a controversial trading market for decades. A lot of people who attempt to trade currency on the Forex marketplace for the first time will usually fail because they don't understand the trading system. Currency trading is one of the most volatile types of trading in existence. The value of currency changes by the second and trading takes place 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Without a concrete strategy in place, investors have the odds stacked against them.

For this reason, so many new investors are afraid to enter the Forex marketplace. That is why one educational Forex trading firm now offers funding to new traders who want to get a hands-on education in trading currency. It is not play money or virtual money being offered, but rather actual cash assets to trade with on the Forex marketplace.

"We want to help millennials by offering them basic and advanced Forex mentorship," said David Heiple, who is the founder of Foreign Exchange LLC. "The services are administered at our office in the form of seminars. There are standard seminars for new students and advanced seminars for current students who want to advance their training. We plan on doing our seminars globally in the near future as well."

Heiple and Foreign Exchange LLC are offering to place between $25,000 and $50,000 in the Forex accounts of their newest students in order to accelerate their Forex trading careers. This type of offering has never been made before by any other Forex company. "There is a lot of bad criticism surrounding the Forex marketplace and the people who try to educate others about it," said Heiple. "I want to help new investors feel as comfortable as possible without them worrying about getting scammed."

Foreign Exchange LLC is specifically targeting college students who are desperate to earn a passive income, especially during these tough economic times when many of them are out of work. The company offers a step-by-step course and mentorship program in Forex trading and strategizing.

"We guarantee that our students will be put on the right path and learn from a professional source," said Heiple. "Our goal is to see our students succeed. That is why we are offering this unique funding opportunity to them in the first place. There is no risk on their end because they are not investing any of their own capital. If they end up making some losing trades, they are not liable for the losses. That is how confident we are in our training and mentorship program."

To get to know more about Foreign Exchange LLC and what they do, you may give a call on 310-897-3178 or send an email at contact@ForeignExchange.llc.

SOURCE: Foreign Exchange LLC

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