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Efftec International Inc. Announces Acquisition of Teligent Care, Inc.

Nev., Dec. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- -Efftec International, Inc. (OTC Pink: EFFI) (“Efftec” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Teligent Care, Inc. (“Teligent”). Teligent has been fully acquired by Efftec, with Efftec remaining as the surviving entity.  Pursuant to the terms of this transaction, shareholders of Teligent have been issued seven million restricted shares of Efftec. 

The Company intends to change its name to “Teligent Care, Inc.” as well as seek a new ticker symbol to better reflect its new business model and enterprise.  In accordance with the terms of the acquisition agreement, Teligent’s CEO, Mr. Paul Cristiano, has joined Efftec as a member of its Board of Directors alongside Efftec’s current CEO, Bruce Collett.

Shareholders and interested parties are invited to visit https://www.teligentcare.com for information on the Company and its subsidiaries.  The website will be updated regularly to inform our shareholders of all business developments, including acquisitions, mergers and partnerships.

“After an exhaustive search of potential acquisitions, we are incredibly excited to have closed this transaction. We believe that the acquisition of Teligent will greatly enhance Efftec’s shareholder value.  Furthermore, the company has the potential to become a leading competitor in the field of specialized telemedicine.”  Bruce Collett, CEO of Efftec International, commented.  Bruce continued that “In the coming weeks, we will have a chance to more fully elaborate the details of Teligent’s management, business model, accomplishments thus far and plans for the future.”

Paul Cristiano responded: “We thank Efftec’s shareholders and its Board for their vote of confidence and for supporting our vision.  Our goal is to become the preeminent provider of specialized telemedicine services and advanced technologies in the healthcare field. As mentioned by Bruce, I look forward to the opportunity to more fully introduce ourselves and our company to the investing public.” 

About Teligent Care, Inc.

Teligent Care is a healthcare company designed to acquire and manage organizations and oversee strategic partners that work interdependently with its fully-owned subsidiary Telecare Partners Group (TPG).  TPG serves the skilled nursing facility sector with specialized and fully-customized telemedicine programs that contain costs, improve productivity, and enhance the quality of medical encounters.  Companies under the Teligent Care brand apply advanced telemedicine technology to deliver on-demand remote medical diagnosis to patients when an on-site doctor is not readily available and critical care is needed.  The company is based in Avon, Connecticut where it serves clients on a national basis.  

About Efftec International

Efftec International, Inc (EFFI:OTC) is a diversified holding company whose strategic plan is to acquire interests in young businesses, and provide financing, advice and guidance to assist them in realizing their potential.  It continues to identify and evaluate potential acquisitions that its management believes will create shareholder value and a return on investment. Additional information is available in its filings on otcmarkets.com.  For additional information please email investor@teligentcare.com.

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