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CORRECTING and REPLACING Egretia -- Building the World's Largest HTML5 Blockchain Platform

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Contact information should read: Egretia, Nadia Wei, media@egretia.io, http://egretia.io/ (instead of Merculet, Nadia Wei, media@merculet.io).

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The HTML5 Industry Welcomes a Global Boom, and Business Profitability Undergoes Daily Maturity

From stand-alone machines to the Internet, from online user game to web games, from web games to mobile games, every time the game industry experiences a platform revolution, enormous opportunities have been brought to the game industry. In the current "Red Sea Era" where the mobile game market is fiercely competitive, and head resources are increasingly centralized, HTML5 is emerging as a new technology with transformative values. With its robust cross-platform capabilities, click-to-play propagating features and continuous improvement in engines and tools, an entirely new race track has been opened up for mobile game developers.

In 2014, "Catch the Crazy Cat" produced by Egret Technologies took the social media by storm and initiated the first year of HTML5 games. After four years of development, the HTML5 game market has grown from the $50 millions in that year to the $6 billions of today, achieving a 120-times growth and validating the existence of a vast blue ocean market for HTML5 technology.

At the same time, Internet giants have also publicly embraced HTML5 technology. For instance, Facebook has released its H5 technology-based instant game in its Messenger with more than 1 billion daily active users; Google has launched PWA, which advocates the concept of search and application and applies HTML5 technology to apps and search; WeChat published mini-games and has ignited a boom in games that are click-to-play and require no downloading; its "Take a hop" mini-game has over 100 million active daily users. HTML5 technology has been recognized globally as a cross-platform, cross-terminal and cross-industry solution. Its annual global market scale is expected to reach $100 billion US dollars.

HTML5 Industry Embraces Blockchain. Both Opportunities and Challenges Exist

While the HTML5 industry has been rapidly developing, we notice that there are still many obstacles regarding its business model, user size, and market size. For example, there is a lack of copyright protection mechanisms and fairness mechanisms to protect games and applications, and a lack of unified and secure trading platforms for virtual assets. The reason for this is because of problems such as the vulnerability of HTML5 game code to plagiarism, the lack of transparency in the probability drop rate in-game tools and the difficulty of circulating virtual assets between games. Blockchain technology is highly respected for its decentralization, security, transparency, non-destructibility, traceability and other characteristics and is naturally suitable for solving the pain points of the HTML5 industry.

However, a seemingly perfect answer still has many problems that reality must confront. The existing blockchain has disadvantages such as low performance and high technical barriers that hinder the integration of HTML5 industry and blockchain technology, and these are preventing HTML5 developers from creating applications that can widely distribute on the blockchain. Egretia Lab is a platform created for the era of blockchain + HTML5. It will solve the fundamental pain points of the HTML5 industry and bring practical, far-reaching significance to the development of the industry.

Egretia Lab Teams up with Egret Technologies to Create the Strongest Blockchain Ecosystem in the HTML5 World

Egret Technologies has built the world's first complete HTML5 workflow that spans 14 technical products such as Egret Engine, Egret Wing, Dragon Bones and Egret Runtime. As a pioneer in the HTML5 field, Egret has taken the lead into the areas of APP, marketing, animation, O2O and e-commerce. It has created many successful cases for Microsoft Xiaoice, Huayi Brothers, DianPing, Jingdong, Shanghai Pudong.

As the world's first HTML5 blockchain service platform and ecosystem, Egretia Lab has teamed up with Egret Technologies to run with the giants. They have combined blockchain technology with the mature tools, communities, and content of the strategic partners to bring Egret Technologies' existing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminal devices into the blockchain world.

Currently, Egretia Lab has integrated its existing HTML5 technologies and productivity tools to successfully build the world's first complete blockchain game development toolset. Developers can easily and quickly create blockchain games through the Egretia Lab toolset and use the blockchain to open up the flow of virtual assets between games. At the same time, Egretia Lab has built four core platforms: namely, the distributed communication and storage cloud platform, the game distribution platform, the virtual item trading platform, Egretia advertising platform and Egretia incubator. They provide players, content providers, channels and advertisers with comprehensive blockchain solutions and services in order to build a healthy ecosystem.

The core members of Egretia Lab all come from world-class Internet enterprises and renowned companies, such as Adobe, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Electronic Arts, etc. They have over 20 years of accumulated technology experience.

Edwin Chen, Egretia's co-founder and CEO, has extensive experience and unique insights in the Internet. He is a serial entrepreneur, and Discuz!, the first of the three companies that he founded, was wholly acquired by Tencent. His second company is the world’s first social gaming company, and his third is Egret Technology, which currently has more than 200,000 developers worldwide.

Peter Huang, co-founder of Egret Technologies and former Adobe platform technology manager, has extensive product development experience and technical capabilities.

Dirk Meyer, Adobe's Digital Media Division PMO and Senior Project Manager, has over a dozen years of global project management credentials and is a blockchain expert and investor.

Yin Ma, an expert in compilers and toolchains, has worked for companies such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Absoft.

Ross Przybylski, producer of Electronic Arts, has extensive experience and expertise in software and game development.

Egretia Lab began brewing its design in mid-2017. It aims to create one of the largest and most complete HTML5 blockchain platforms. In the second quarter of 2018, it shall launch Egretia v1.0 version, which will release many functions such as essential public chains, development tools, and smart contracts. In addition, Egretia Lab has entered into a strategic partnership with world-renowned sports game developer Gala Sports and first-line game developers in Southeast Asia and North America. It will apply Egretia blockchain technology to their games to enhance the game security and promote the popularity of platform tokens worldwide. In the future, Egretia Lab will also support more mainstream public chains and advance the conception and consolidation of blockchain in every field!

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