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El Pollo Loco en fuego, Twitter sliding, Trulia jumping on buyout

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance

Trulia (TRLA): The real estate listings website posting higher today after it agreed to be bought by competitor Zillow for $3.5 billion. The merger of the two sites brings together the biggest operators in the space to form the eight hundred pound gorilla in the online realty game. Does this make sense? Maybe not to you but the stock market seems to like the marriage. Since Bloomberg first broke the news of the potential combination Trulia shares are up some 55% while Zilliow risen some 20%.

Twitter (TWTR): The short form social media sharing news site or whatever its trying to call itself is sliding lower today. The big earnings date for the company is tomorrow and unlike Facebook (FB) Twitter still fails the Grandma test. Specifically, it's impossible to explain to anyone beyond a certain age what exactly Twitter is and why anyone would want to use it. Another concern: Twitter has promised to unveil four new metrics that it says will prove the company has a much larger reach than it's lack of user growth would suggest. Unless one of the metrics is "massive profitability" it's likely to take more than 140 characters to convince Wall Street.

No, not Los Pollos Hermanos, we're talking El Pollo Loco (LOCO). The Mexican style grilled chicken chain 'breaking' higher to the tune of over twenty percent on it's 2nd day of trading post IPO. Wall Street's appetite for this stock has been insatiable so far, as the stock already shot up over twenty-seven percent on Friday. Is the stock overpriced at this point? Hey, if it can survive the untimely death of Gus Fring who's to say where the top might be for it's slightly less addictive edible offerings.

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