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Like Electric Cars Buy Copper Chips

There has been a great increase in the news lately about electric cars. Nearly every major automaker is introducing new models or is about to do so, explains Jim Powell, international growth stock specialist and editor of Global Changes & Opportunities Report.

It's on its way to becoming a crowded field. Investors, understandably, want to have the growth of electric cars in their portfolios. The question then becomes, which company should you buy.

First of all, I would avoid any of the Chinese electric car companies. There are substantial reasons to avoid China's stocks for the foreseeable future.

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Chief among them is the slowing Chinese economy, the country's soaring debts, and impending financial emergencies with hundreds of Beijing-supported industries that are doing nothing except lose money. Please stay away from China.

Two established carmakers with electric cars on the way that look especially good to me are Ford (F) and Volkswagen (VLKAF). Of the two, Volkswagen has the clear lead with its modular electric car chassis that will be used to build several models of cars for different markets. I think VW will be a long-term electric car winner.

As to Tesla Motors (TSLA), I have the greatest admiration for Elon Musk. He is a genius, an inspired visionary, and a national treasure. However, I think his company's stock is overpriced and is too volatile.

Ford looks good for a longer-term investment. The company is actually working with Volkswagen to bring electric cars to market — which shows good management on the part of both companies. Ford is a fallen angel with considerable turnaround promise.

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Nevertheless, I think the best way to invest in electric cars is with a leading copper supplier. My choice is Freeport McMoRan (FCX).

The biggest benefit of going with Freeport McMoRan is that no matter which of the many electric car makers does the best, Freeport should also be a winner. Investing in copper also gives investors an exposure to many other electric and electronic developments that are growing strongly, including green power, smart cars, and rebuilding America's outdated electric grid.

I also like the long-term outlook for Nvidia (NVDA). This maker of high-speed graphics processors took a tumble during the correction that hit the stock market last October.

The company also reported slowing chip sales to China, cryptocurrency miners, and digital game producers. Nvidia is now recovering. I think this leading semiconductor specialty company has a bright future.

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