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Electric Vehicle Business Incorporates new autonomous forms creating one billion dollar businesses

LONDON, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A significant part of the $0.7 trillion electric vehicle market, land, water and air will be fully autonomous vehicles, some energy independent too.

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Autonomous vehicles need no pilot, or even one in reserve, for at least some of the time. Many are unmanned mobile robots. Their time has come as they prowl everywhere from the ocean depths to the upper atmosphere and outer space. They are creating billion dollar businesses such as aircraft and airships aloft for five to ten years on sunshine alone carrying out surveillance or beaming the internet to the 4.5 billion people who lack it.

This report looks at the whole subject in a critical manner revealing how the electric vehicle business at over $0.7 trillion in 2017 will include many new autonomous forms creating one billion dollar businesses for both the vehicles and their components.

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