Electric Vehicle Owners: Here are the 10 Cheapest Cities in America for You

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Electric vehicles have been getting more attention in recent years as more manufacturers roll out EVs. But where you live may be a factor in purchasing one.

Saving on gas is important for many as prices may still be high in some areas or certain cities might be expanding the number of charging stations for electric vehicles.

But which cities are the cheapest cities to own an EV? The Zebra took a look at areas across the country and found that these cities may be the easiest places to own an EV.

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1. Atlanta

This Georgia city has more than 260 charging stations, which could make it convenient for drivers, and electricity costs are on the lower end for cities.

However, gas prices in Fulton County, where Atlanta is located, average $3.331 for a gallon of gas. That’s slightly lower than the national average of $3.357 based on data from the end of February 2023.

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2. Miami

Miami has around 200 charging stations to help out electric-vehicle drivers who choose an EV particularly to save on gas.

Gas prices in Miami-Dade County, which is home to Miami, are more than a cent higher than the national average. Those pennies could add up and make driving an EV a better choice.

3. Las Vegas

Charging stations may be hard to come by in Las Vegas with around 100 stations in the city. But gas prices are a big factor for a potential EV owner.

The average gallon of gas in Clark County was at $4.300 in February, higher than the national average of $3.357.

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4. San Francisco

One big factor in favor of getting an electric car in San Francisco is the price of gas.

A gallon of gas cost an average of $4.901 at the end of February compared to the national average of $3.357.

5. San Jose

Nearby San Jose, California, is also a good spot to save money if you drive an EV.

The city has 505 electric chargers, which can be particularly helpful considering one of Tesla’s first showrooms on the West Coast is in San Jose.

6. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is well known for having lots of cars and lots of traffic. LA makes it easier for EV drivers because it has 512 charging stations.

And the cost of driving an electric vehicle is better than a gas-powered car when a gallon of gas costs an average of $4.843 in Los Angeles County.

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7. Washington, D.C.

One of the benefits of living in Washington is the low cost of electricity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the cost at about 12 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour) compared to almost 13 cents for the national average.

Gas, on the other hand, costs an average of $3.464 per gallon compared to the national average of $3.357. The District of Columbia boasts 250 charging stations for EV drivers.

8. Portland, Ore.

Portland saw an average gallon of gas cost $4.027 compared to the national average of $3.357, according to AAA.

But the fact that it only has 132 charging stations in the city bumped it down a little on the list compared to other cities.

9. Chicago

Chicago’s gas prices are around $3.78 per gallon compared to the national average of $3.357 a gallon.

The city also earned high marks for its electricity prices, which are lower than other cities surveyed by The Zebra for its rankings. There are 185 charging stations in the Chicago area.

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10. Seattle

Topping the list was Seattle, which got a boost from its low energy costs and more than 340 charging stations in the city.

The cost of gas is high, coming in at $4.507 a gallon compared to the national average of $3.357.

Bottom line

If you don’t have the ability to get an EV just yet, there are other ways to stay within your budget in the meantime.

You may want to find credit cards to save money on gas or use a great Costco hack and buy gas at a lower cost with your membership.

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